Enzyme Therapy

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It’s the time of year to rest and restore, however, our busy lives don’t often allow us to snuggle up and stay home. Instead, our skin is exposed to cold temperatures that can leave it dry and lifeless. To stay glowing all year round, skincare treatments are key.

One trending treatment uses enzyme therapy, which stimulates the capillaries to induce blood flow that carries oxygen throughout the body. Upon making its way to the face, oxygenated blood gives a brighter, tighter, more youthful appearance. Below, we’ll share more juicy details about enzyme therapy, including a look at the benefits you’ll score from letting enzymes work their magic on the skin.

The production of enzymes stimulates blood flow, bringing oxygen-rich blood to the face to further promote facial rejuvenation.

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What is Enzyme Therapy?

Enzyme therapy is a facial that uses the power of plants to firm and brighten skin. Using a sophisticated formula enriched with plant enzymes, the facial helps trigger healing and regeneration of the skin. With a series three to six treatments, skin is completely renewed, appearing more youthful and dewier.

Treatments last just 45 minutes, consisting of a liberal slathering of plant enzymes all over the face, down the neck, and across the shoulders. After enzyme application, the skin starts the toxin-flushing process known as reverse osmosis. The production of enzymes stimulates blood flow, bringing oxygen-rich blood to the face to further promote facial rejuvenation.

Benefits of Enzyme Therapy

After one enzyme therapy treatment, skin will look and feel smoother, brighter, and well-rested. Visible benefits from the first treatment and beyond include:

Stronger, Healthier Skin

The enzymes interact with the skin, essentially waking it up. Working deep into facial muscles all the way to the surface, these interactions pump up the skin, resulting in a stronger barrier that’s more resistant to the process of aging.

Tighter Skin

Enzyme therapy works to boost collagen, our natural skin plumper. As collagen builds, fine lines and wrinkles smooth out and the face feels (and appears) tighter and fuller.

A Healthy Glow

As your blood starts to flow, it pumps oxygen throughout the body, breathing life into every single cell. The oxygenated blood on the inside produces a healthy glow on the outside, making your skin look well-rested, refreshed, and illuminated.

Refreshing Detox

A lot of chemistry happens during an enzyme facial. Part of the complex interplay involves the lymphatic system, which houses toxins. Over time, these toxins can build up if left unstimulated, resulting in an overall lethargic feeling, as well as dull, lifeless-looking skin. During enzyme therapy, the lymphatic system is activated, working to flush out toxins and detoxify the body. The result is a more energetic feeling and a more awakened, youthful appearance.

What Happens During Enzyme Therapy Treatment?

The chemistry and complexities that go into enzyme therapy may leave you wary about what to expect. Below, we break it down for you, leaving you well-prepared to get started.

Step 1: Get Cozy

Enzyme therapy treatments take about 45 minutes, so why not make it a cozy experience, with a comfortable massage table, warm, soft blankets, soothing music, and even some aromatherapy. On top of that, you can add in other treatments like a mani-pedi combo with a massage.

Step 2: Application

Next, brush on activated enzymes, using soft strokes across the face and down to the décolletage.

Step 3: The Magic

After the enzymes are applied, let them sit for 45 minutes. During this time, the mask hardens, creating a bit of pressure on the skin. Clients may also feel some tingling sensations along the way as a result of increased blood circulation.

Step 4: The Clean Up 

Before removal, soak plush towels in warm water, applying them to the skin to loosen enzymes. The warm steam will loosen the mask, making it easy to wipe off of the skin. Once loosened,, gently wipe away any remnants before moving on to the finale.

Step 5: The Finishing Act

Once the mask is fully removed, apply a mix of hydrating products, massaging them into the skin with circular motions. Skin should feel fresh and tingly, still working from the boost of skin-enhancing enzymes.

One Last Thing to Note…

While there are no severe side effects that can result from this treatment, there are a few things that you might notice post-treatment. One of them is called vascular matting, which makes the blood vessels highly visible. They seem to be just under the surface, creating a light-red web around the treatment area. However, this is nothing to be alarmed about. This could last up to 24 hours, at which time it will fade, leaving behind fresh, rested, and radiant skin.