Emu Oil for Acne and Inflammation

The best kept secret for sensitive skin


Cleanser, toner, lotion, acne cream … Cleanser, toner, lotion, acne cream … Many acneic skincare clients and medical spa patients don’t realize that the vigorous routine, the expense and the time isn’t the complete answer. They often pile more drug store products, medical prescriptions and the new best products that are readily promoted on TV on their face. They even tend to use more than is needed and the end result is still the same – breakouts with irritated and inflamed skin. As a skin care professional it is our job to thoroughly educate our clients and to keep them abreast of what’s new in the marketplace as well as to help them feel more confident about their skin. With the rising green industry, many new protocols and natural acne treatments have arrived. One very special ingredient that is getting much attention is emu oil.

There has been an ongoing debate about emu oil. Many ask, “Is it effective? What makes it such a powerful acne treatment? What are the benefits?” With much research and evidence, emu oil has found its way into more and more dermatology offices, skincare clinics, day spas and clients’ homes. Here’s why:

No matter the age or degree of acne, emu oil is a safe option.

No matter the age or degree of acne, emu oil is a safe option. Acne is actually an internal problem caused by many different factors. It can be caused by the overproduction of oil, dead cells that have not been sloughed away, environmental grit, sweat and makeup. These elements seep into our pores, causing irritation. Emu oil is non-comedogenic. It actually aids in opening the pores to release the excess oil your body is naturally producing. Clients at home are using facial cleansers that only cleanse topically. Instead, we recommend that after washing a good quality cleansing bar they use a natural anti-septic such as Witch Hazel followed by emu oil. The emu oil combined with witch hazel will reduce the amount of bacteria within pores.

Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid, a type of fatty compound that is also abundant in human skin lipids. Since emu and human lipids are almost identical, the absorption rate of emu oil into human skin is incredible! Acne patients need deep cleansing professional treatments to clean eroded pores. Following these procedures, use Emu Oil to heal and repair facial tissue. It is great for many skin problems other than acne, such as psoriasis and eczema. Studies have shown that the oil penetrates through the epidermal layers of the skin down to the basal layer. This is where it starts repairing and nourishing the skin, which is why estheticians apply after intense acne treatments.

Emu oil is also made up of Essential Fatty Acids including Omega 3 (Linolenic), Omega 6 (Linoleic) and Omega 9 (Oleic). These Essential Fatty Acids have proven to be the nutrition your skin requires to remain healthy. Every day our bodies produce 300 billion new cells and each one of these cells needs Essential Fatty Acids to build strong cell walls. Omega 3 is a natural anti-inflammatory that aids in reducing inflammation that is caused by acne. Applying emu oil to puffy acneic areas will reduce the redness and inflammation. Also, after clients receive intense, deep cleansing acne treatments, their face may be swollen, red or irritated. Applying emu oil will aid in cell restoration and calm inflammation.

Many clients are apprehensive about using emu oil because they believe they have oily skin. However, emu oil balances the skin and shows immediate results. Emu Oil boosts the efficiency of any product ingredient used with it. Most other ingredients are topical, just working on the skin surface.

For a great acne treatment, cleanse three times, use a marine enzyme, which exfoliates the skin without scrubbing and this acts as a chemical exfoliant. Any extractions will be done through an ultra-sound technique, as roughing up the skin is never the answer. Afterwards, massage their face with emu oil to repair and moisturize.

Another acneic treatment is a claybased mask. Many clients don’t want to get a facial because they are scared their face will break out even more. However, by using emu oil with the facial, you can assure them success. The clay-based mask is used first to pull out any impurities; the clay will remove any toxins. After removing the mask, then use emu oil to enhance the benefits of the clay and open pores so skin will not break out.

In addition to emu oil being hypoallergenic, a non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, absorbent and an extreme moisturizer, it is also hyperoxygenated. You can actually see it work. Put a drop on your cheek and massage it into your skin. Your skin will immediately flush. That is the oxygen and blood being drawn to the applied area. If you can get the oxygen to the surface of the skin you can accelerate healing. It works beautifully after intense acne facials and on scars up to two years old.

After a thorough consultation and product sampling, offer your acne clients oxygen facials. Acne cannot live in an oxygenated state. By using oxygen emulsions, you are pushing oxygen into the skin. After this procedure the skin may become irritated, so calm down the skin with emu oil. It is a wonderful as reducing of inflammation, moisturizing and it is non-comedogenic.

The Problem vs. The Solution

A majority of people who suffer from acne rely on their dermatologists and estheticians to inform them of the perfect solution. Prescribing creams and medications that are loaded with steroids may not be the best answer. Studies have shown these solutions may cause severe liver damage among other side effects. As more people are taking responsibility for their own health, they are becoming increasingly aware of more health conscious options.

Today, emu oil is one of nature’s best-kept secrets and is being used more and more in spa wellness products. There is a huge demand for natural products and the green industry is getting a greater percentage of the market share. Rely on what nature has provided and explore your options with new protocols and acne treatments using emu oil.