Easy Breezy, Brilliant Brows

Every brow artist should follow these two tips

Nothing puts a smile on your client’s face like a great pair of balanced brows. And nothing can ruin their day faster than a pair of unbalanced and misshapen brows. If the second half of this intro made you sweat a little, then you’re not alone.

Most technicians are terrified of doing brows and with good reason. There is a skill and technique required to create well-balanced jaw-dropping brows that most of us never learned in school. Brow design is an advanced skill that requires advanced knowledge and technique to execute correctly.

So, if you’re in camp “I’m afraid of brows”, fear not. It is a skill that anyone can learn, and it just takes time and patience to feel confident.

There are two things that I never leave out when performing a brow service. They have been with me for years and have served me very well.

First, setting proper expectations. Every first-time client gets the “Brows are Sisters Not Twins” speech. This is very important to creating a successful experience for both the technician and client. When expectations are not properly set, then it can lead to disappointment and hurt feelings later. This is true for most things in life. Who knew that brows and life were so connected?

“Brows will never be symmetrical, but we can make them appear more sisterly.”


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Crickett Enos

Crickett Enos, aka “The Wax Chick” is an industry leader, waxing educator, Licensed Esthetician, speaker, contributing author and waxing enthusiast. She is passionate about providing quality waxing education and helping estheticians lose the fear and feel the confidence while waxing!