Dermaplaning vs. Waxing

Exploring the pros and cons 


Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation using a curved surgical blade to remove vellus hair along with a strong exfoliation for the skin. It was originally designed to treat deep acne scars with a device called a dermatome.  

Waxing also exfoliates, along with removing unwanted hair. Remember to be careful when removing facial hair and choose the correct wax. Soft wax should not be used to removal vellus facial hair because it’s too strong. It takes off the first layer of skin which, over time, can create hyperpigmentation. It is recommended to use a film wax because it is gentle enough to be reapplied if necessary. Film wax only removes epithelial cells. 

Remember to be careful when removing facial hair and choose the correct wax.

Dermaplaning does have some reported side effects, including breakouts, infection, extreme redness and sensitivity, and scarring. It is also recommended every one to three weeks in order to help stimulate collagen. 

Waxing helps to slow hair growth down by extracting the hair at the hair papilla. This causes the hair to grow back softer, finer, weaker, and slower in growth. Ideal time between treatments is four to six weeks.  

Over time, dermaplaning may be too strong for the skin and can lead to over exfoliation, which can cause the skin to toughen. Dermaplaning has been beneficial for most clients, but is not recommended for everyone. Waxing may be more obtainable, plus It’s not as harsh for the skin even though it helps destroy hair growth.

Design the pro/con lists as sidebars?  

Dermaplaning Pros: 

  • Extreme exfoliation 
  • Helps to remove acne scars 
  • Removes unwanted vellus hair 

Dermaplaning Cons: 

  • Possibility of breakouts, infection, redness, sensitivity, or scarring 
  • May cause the hair to grow back faster and stronger  
  • Over exfoliation of the skin creating toughness 

Waxing Pros: 

  • Ultimate exfoliation 
  • Removes unwanted vellus hair 
  • Film wax is excellent for skin sensitivity 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Helps control and destroy new hair growth 

Waxing Cons: 

  • If the wrong form of wax is used, it could cause hyperpigmentation over time 
  • Skin with acne or rosea may have an adverse reaction