Collagen-Boosting Foods

Fight aging and plump the skin by adding these foods to your diet


Collagen has been on the map for some time now. It is known for its ability to plump up the skin, making it appear firmer. Luckily, lots of foods are packed with collagen, most of which you can find at your local grocery store.

The Collagen Hype

So, what’s the big deal about collagen, anyway? First of all, collagen is found naturally in our bodies, working to give skin structure and suppleness. The more birthdays that pass, the less collagen we produce, causing the skin to sag or wrinkle. Adding collagen-rich foods to your diet promotes collagen production, which is clinically proven to improve skin’s appearance and firmness. It also comes with some added benefits for joints and tendons, which tend to stiffen as we age.

Adding collagen-rich foods to your diet promotes collagen production, which is clinically proven to improve skin’s appearance and firmness

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10 Collagen-Rich Foods to Start Eating Now

If you’re ready to hop on the bandwagon and see what a boost in collagen can do for you, add these 10 foods to your diet and watch the magic happen.

1.  Beef Bone Broth

You can get the biggest boost of collagen in your diet by sipping on beef bone broth. Beef bones are rich in Type I collagen, which works wonders for skin, hair, and nails. An additional perk of beef bone broth is that it’s packed with minerals, including magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium.

2.  Chicken

Chicken has a lot of connective tissue, which is a good source of collagen. One study showed that women who regularly ingested a supplement of chicken cartilage saw improved skin elasticity and fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Chicken has also proven effective at treating arthritis, working to keep joints lubricated.

3.  Sardines

Sardines are little salty fish that you can eat whole. That includes their scales and bones, both of which have a high dose of collagen. Not only are they tasty and fresh, they’re also more easily absorbed than other protein sources, and provide omega-3s. Sardines are a win-win, so make sure to add a few to your diet.

4.  Egg Whites

Egg whites don’t contain collagen directly. However, proline is an essential amino acid that promotes collagen production. Add egg whites to your diet when increasing your collagen intake to multiply your benefits.

5.  Berries

Vitamin C plays a role in collagen production. However, it’s not something your body produces naturally, requiring supplementation. Luckily, tasty foods like berries are packed with Vitamin C, even more so than the most well-known Vitamin C-rich fruit, the orange. Strawberries have the most collagen, followed by raspberries and blackberries.

6.  Broccoli

All those years of fighting your mother at the dinner table would have done you well if you had just eaten your broccoli. Like berries, broccoli has a ton of Vitamin C. Just one cup has enough for a full day’s recommended dose.

7. Citrus Fruits

Last but not least with Vitamin C, comes citrus fruits. They help your body produce more collagen and boost your immune system, keeping you feeling and looking healthy and vibrant.

8.  Aloe Vera

Aloe is another superfood on the radar, getting a reputation for its skin-quenching properties. Aloe as a whole packs several anti-aging benefits, but it’s the meaty part inside that helps with collagen synthesis. Chop it up and add it to a salad, or blend it up into a tasty drink packed with lemons, oranges, and kale.

9.  Garlic

Garlic has several health benefits but, when it comes to collagen, it’s a key component for breakdown. Adding more garlic to your diet will help your body utilize more collagen, allowing you to reap the benefits faster.

10.  Leafy Greens

Some studies suggest that chlorophyll is a precursor to collagen. Though it’s not proven, those who indulge in dark, leafy greens like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard get a high dose of antioxidants.

Although collagen is naturally made by the body, over time it starts to disappear. Adding these ten foods will help you keep collagen and boost its production. It’s not just about looking good, but feeling good, and adding more foods that fight aging, tackle joint pain, and promote stronger, healthier muscles into your diet.