Changing the Way We Talk About Aging

A brief history of anti-aging and how we can fight ageism in the beauty industry

The global anti-aging market reached a whopping value of $58.5 Billion (US Dollars) in 2020! As Estheticians and Spa Professionals, this equates to much of our business being the business of anti-aging. Currently, consumers in the age group of 35-55 years lead the global anti-aging market, holding more than a half of the total global market. Based on industry, the skincare industry accounts for the largest share since consumers focus more on the appearance of their skin. Skincare leads the way and is subsequently followed by the hair care and dental industries.

To know why people are obsessed with anti-aging, let’s look at what aging is. Aging is brought about by a cycle of biochemical processes that cause the body to degenerate over time, impacting the individual’s health, fitness, and physical appearance. Anti-aging refers to the process of limiting or slowing these changes through various products and services. The growing consciousness among both the younger and older consumers regarding their physical appearance has fostered anti-aging products and devices. “Anti-Aging” is the term most widely used in the beauty industry to market preventative and corrective aging skincare treatments and products. The concept behind this isn’t new at all. Since the dawn of time, women have tried to stop the clock. Dating as far back as 69 BCE, Cleopatra bathed in donkey’s milk daily because of the milk’s alpha hydroxy acids that softened and exfoliated her skin.

Since the dawn of time, women have tried to stop the clock.

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Grace Schindler

Grace Schindler is a Licensed Esthetician based in Miami, FL with over 13 years of experience. She is also a Microblading Artist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. She has worked in luxury spas for her entire career, which inspired her to utilize her skills gained in her experience and in her life to create Radiant Grace. She specializes in treating acne through the use of active ingredients and acne treatments. She blends energy healing, aromatherapy, intuition, experience, modern skincare, and tools to create the ultimate experience for each client.