Brow Perfection

How to NEVER mess up a brow service and

keep your clients coming back for more

Brow waxing, shaping, threading, tweezing, microblading, laminating, rehabbing- the list of Brow Services these days go on! There are a few key things that should happen NO MATTER the brow service. That is with a thorough multi-step consultation that includes:

  1. Strong communication- your client wants to be heard and then told what to do.
  2. Set expectations (yours + theirs)
  3. C.S.A (cover your a**)
  4. Deliver exactly what they’re looking for or a path to get them there. So what exactly does that mean, and why is it so important?

To begin, greet and welcome the client. Tell the client what they are booked in for, how to fill out the consent forms, where to set their items and then where to sit for their consultation. It seems so obvious, but it does get missed! Then get ready to listen and really listen.

Set expectations by sitting them down and looking at them head-on.

Ask them how they usually style their brows, how they ideally want to maintain their brows, and about the look they’re going for.

They may say, “I have no idea, you’re the expert,” and that’s okay. There’s your golden ticket and permission to do the best thing for their brows in your professional opinion. They may show you a picture of powder brows they found off Pinterest when they are only there for a brow clean-up.

This is your chance to explain the difference and let them know what you can achieve with the service/time. Maybe this means you give them a mirror at the end of the service to show them how to fill in their brows to achieve that look and recommend a few products. By understanding their expectations, you can give yourself a game plan for the way their customized service will go.

“By understanding their expectations, you can give yourself a game plan for the way their customized service will go.”


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Emily Stites

Emily is a licensed esthetician specializing in eyebrow shaping in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Emily is creative and always evolving, growing and learning. She has been shaping eyebrows, giving professional skincare treatments and waxing since 2015. She is an experienced, 5 times certified microblading artist. She has won best place to get waxed two years in a row.