Boost Your Following, Boost your BIZ!

It’s all about story telling…


Have you ever asked yourself why the Kim’s of the world can get such a grandiose following? Do you know the story behind growing your social repertoire?

It’s all about story telling…

Connect with your clients by telling them your story. Many of our industry peers have started to show off their work and highlighting what’s new through the various social media outlets we have accessible to us these days.

Get a quick start to your social presence and open up your IG account today and follow these quick tips to create your look and BOOST your following:

1. Choose a theme and stick to it…

One of the most powerful things you can do on any social media platform is to find a niche or them and stick with it!

2. Image Quality Matters

Yes your profile should be Aesthetically pleasing; you are in the Esthetics business after all! High quality images are a MUST!

3. Effectively Using #Hasthags

Use a combination of haghtags that have an average, medium, and high because you will be more competitive this way. *You should also create your own to build your own audience (EX: #estheticianedit is ours)


Remember quality over quantity, but keep it consistent and post daily to keep your followers engaged on your story!

5. Use IG Stories and GO Live!

These are such powerful tools for engagement that should not be neglected! Make yourself more accessible to others in your niche by posting live stories. If you people see you are doing these often enough it will encourage them to engage with your niches social handle. *And just FYI… Less than 15 minutes LIVE is perfectly fine!

And always remember to keep it CONSISTENT, target MILLENIALS (they are the future ;)), BE SPONTANEOUS & HAVE FUN WITH IT!



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