An Opportunity to Glow in the Beauty Industry

An interview with Lauren Becotte Rampello


Lauren Becotte Rampello is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pure Glow, premium airbrush tanning that mimics the skin’s natural tan. Lauren’s personal struggles with her skin lead her to create Pure Glow in 2015, when she was just 27 years old.

Lauren, what experiences have you had that led to the creation of Pure Glow?

As a teenager, I suffered from debilitating shame and humiliation due to a stubborn skin condition. My acne was embarrassing and painful; any efforts I made to cover it up only seemed to make it look worse.

Discovering sunless tanning is like finding a hidden door to self-assurance.

My memories regarding my time as a teenager weren’t just about acne; it was about feeling powerless. But it was also the beginning of a journey that led me to create Pure Glow, a sanctuary for those who, like me, sought confidence and beauty in their own skin.

Why did you land on sunless tanning as the solution to your skin challenges? When I discovered sunless tanning, it was like finding a hidden door to self-assurance. But the journey wasn’t without its pitfalls – smelly formulas, sticky textures, streaky results, and unnatural colors. Determined, I spent close to a decade perfecting an organic, non-toxic formula that worked with the skin’s natural chemistry. The result? A natural-looking tan that not only beautifies but nourishes.

How did you navigate getting the brand up and running?

The beauty industry is often a maze of licensing and certifications, creating barriers for many aspiring professionals. At Pure Glow, we turned this challenge into an opportunity. By operating without the need for specialized licensing, we’ve been able to embrace passionate individuals who might not have had the means or time for formal certification.

How did you cultivate such a strong team?

Without the burden of licensing requirements, we’ve fostered a diverse group of talented individuals. We invest heavily in their training, focusing on the intricacies of our products and safety protocols. For many, Pure Glow has been a stepping stone to greater achievements in the beauty industry.

What is your plan for company growth?

As we venture into franchising, we’ve encountered many who dream of being part of the beauty industry but are daunted by the hurdles of licensing. Pure Glow stands as a beacon for these aspiring entrepreneurs, offering a viable path to owning a business in the beauty sector.

Reflecting on my journey, I realize the profound ripple effect Pure Glow has created. Team members tapping into their passion within the beauty industry has sparked a wave of positive change. And as we grow, I remain committed to this vision of empowering, nurturing, and transforming lives through the art of beauty.

What is your vision for the future of Pure Glow?

At Pure Glow, we’re not just about sunless tanning; we’re about creating opportunities, nurturing dreams, and celebrating beauty in all its forms. Looking ahead, I envision Pure Glow as more than a brand; it’s a community where everyone, regardless of their background or challenges, can find a place. A place where beauty is accessible, aspirations are achievable, and transformations are real.

Little did I know that solving my skin

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