2023 Skincare Forecast

Niacinamides, bakuchiol, and electrolytes – oh my!


Though full on glam is always trending, today’s hottest looks depend on healthy skin. We’ve uncovered the top skincare predictions for 2023 to share with you. Products that enhance skin texture, emit a healthy glow, and bring out the best of one’s natural features are flying off the shelves. Here’s how you can beat everyone to the punch!

Once you add these trending products to your list of essential items, your skin will do the talking – and we promise clients will be asking!”

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We’ve all heard of retinol – which seems to take the top spot as the OG of regenerative skincare. However, this emerging active ingredient is giving it some competition. We’re talking about niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 naturally found in protein-packed foods like fish, eggs, and dark green leafy vegetables. 


You’re likely to see niacinamides make their way into some of today’s hottest skincare lines. Many brands already have serums featuring niacinamides on the market, with more soon to follow. 

Key benefits of niacinamides include the production of skin cells to promote new growth, protection from environmental toxins like sunlight and pollution, and reduction of inflammation and redness of the skin. Most formulas are recommended for all skin types ranging from normal to acne prone, with beautiful results.


If you haven’t yet heard of bakuchiol, you’re in for a treat. This plant-based antioxidant has made its way to the top of the hottest skincare product lists, and 2023 will see releases of new and improved bakuchiol-infused goodies.


Advertised as one of the best all-natural alternatives for retinol, skincare lines from drugstore to high-end will release some exciting products in the coming year. With more brands making the switch to vegan, natural products, this may just be the number one trending skincare ingredient for 2023. 

Much like retinol, bakuchiol works to boost cell turnover. Those who use it notice improved skin tone, smoother skin texture, and an overall reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. However, unlike retinol, you’re not likely to experience irritation and dryness with use – making it a gentler alternative perfect for those with sensitive skin. 


Back in 2020, a lot of buzz surrounding electrolytes for the skin started to hit the web. It is thought to give the skin a boost of hydration, and while there are a ton of products out there that quench thirsty skin, it’s the electrolytes that help moisture soak in. Key electrolytes you’re likely to find in skincare products include magnesium, calcium, and potassium. The secret to finding the best kind for each skin type is understanding each mineral and how it interacts with the skin. For example, potassium is good at sealing in moisture, while magnesium is best for taming blemished, inflamed skin. 


Electrolyte skincare is appearing all across the market. When giving skin a dose of electrolytes, overall moisture balance is improved, and skin appears more supple and plump. 

Updating Your Go-To Skincare Products for 2023

When clients come to you and notice your radiant skin, they want in on the secret. On top of that, they likely come across ads with trending skincare ingredients like those mentioned above. So, how can you upgrade your go-to products list? 

Start with You

The more you believe in a product, the more likely you’ll be to sell it. That’s because you have the results to back it up! Once you add these trending products to your list of essential skincare items, your skin will do the talking – and we promise clients will be asking!

Catch the Eyes 

A disorganized or hard-to-find product display is never going to increase your revenue. Invest in minimalistic pieces that really bring out your products and match your salon style. Emphasize these top skincare trends for 2023 and you’re sure to see a boost to product sales. 

Never Underestimate Word of Mouth  

As you probably already know, a happy customer is your best advertisement. They’ll share their results with all of their friends and be so excited to fill them in on the products expected to shake up the new year.  


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