The Trailhead Spa at Brush Creek Ranch

A healing renewal perfectly crafted for you

Situated on 30,000 acres of a working cattle ranch in Wyoming’s Sierra Madre mountains, surrounded by prairies, creeks, and rivers, you will find the luxurious, all-inclusive Lodge & Spa of Brush Creek Ranch. The Trailhead Spa is exclusive, elegant, and chic, drawing inspiration from both indigenous ingredients and American Western traditions. When you’re not basking in the panoramic landscapes and fields that consist of adventure, you can experience wellness and renewal in an authentic Native American Tepee located on the banks of the Platte River.

The spa offers an array of soothing head-to-toe treatments and salon services, much needed after an active day of fishing, horseback riding, ATV cruising, and exploring the Ranchlands with family and friends. Spa Director Kimmie Cornell would describe the spa as intimate and inviting with a boutique-style feel that has “a bit of rustic ranch flare intertwined with comfort and relaxation.”


The most popular treatment is the Altitude Adjustment Massage offered year-round for visitors. It is designed specifically to help the body ease away altitude sickness symptoms, which may include sinus congestion, an uneasy tummy, and fatigue. The Doterra Breathe and Balance essential oils aid these symptoms and reduce tension throughout the body.

As guests relax on the tables listening to nature’s serene sounds, the therapists perform a Wyoming Sage Cleanse to ease the mind and spirit.

“With extra focus on the head, neck, and shoulders, we alternate hot and cold therapies using facial stones and towels as well as heat packs on the back and tummy. Combined, this will bring you back into your natural state of peace and over well-being,” says Spa Director Kimmie Cornell. Prices range from $220, $300, and $380 for the full 110-minutes experience.


If you visit the Trailhead Spa in the summer, the Tepee Journey ($450, $800 for couples) is an absolute must. “This treatment is unlike any other and a Brush Creek Specialty as it is 3 hours long of pure relaxation! It is performed outdoors in one of our unique Teepee’s high up on the peaks with the sounds of the birds above and rivers below,” says Cornell.

The Summer treatment begins with a scenic tour of the land and short stories of the Ranch’s history as guests are taken to their tepees. As guests relax on the tables listening to nature’s serene sounds, the therapists perform a Wyoming Sage Cleanse to ease the mind and spirit. For deeper peace and relaxation, Chakra balancing crystals are placed along the body’s meridians to guide guests through a spiritual meditation. The body is then soothed with an 80 minute massage and a second round of sage to finish off the experience.

In the winter, the Lavender Sage Herbal Poultice Treatment ($110 min, $370) is the most requested as it brings warmth, comfort, and relief to the body. “Our poultices are pre-filled with Lavender, Sage, and Lemongrass to be steeped in warm water and applied to the body in a pressing motion soothing those sore muscles while the herbs and nutrients are absorbed into the skin, leaving you feeling nourished and hydrated. The aroma alone will induce a deeper state of relaxation while the heat and herbs signal the body to regenerate and repair tissues,” says Cornell.


When asked how the spa attracts new clients and encourages them to revisit, Cornell says “by giving our guests indelible memories & creating unforgettable experiences, they in return tell all of their friends about us, book return stays and continuously bring more and more guests back with them.” The Lodge & Spa’s best marketing tools are social media and word of mouth. Experiences can be captured in over 30,000 acres of nature’s true beauty. The breathtaking scenery shared on Facebook and Instagram is enough to get visitors from all around the country. Brush Creek Ranch is also featured in several Magazines, and the website is updated frequently to keep it updated and current.


The Trailhead Spa at Brush Creek Ranch has a dedicated team of spa professionals. “Staff training is extensive and continuous. We are very hands-on in the spa, and my team is expected to pass several training sessions and spot testing throughout the season. The Ranch itself goes through 10 full days of training to learn the BCR way before we open for the season.” explains Cornell.

Team leaders and Management have daily meetings every morning to go over important information. The entire staff meets in the afternoon to discuss all guest counts, daily sales goals, and more. As far as reviewing staff performance, Cornell says, “my team receives daily goals and expectations. I keep it fun and exciting, with lots of incentive challenges. We have retail challenges, service challenges, and the number of guests booked challenges all to keep morale high and sales up.” The staff also gets quarterly dinners, recognition prizes, and gratitude notes that go a long way.


The spa only offers products that are used in their services. Clients are incentivized to “try before they buy. The Arnica Pain Relieving Balm used for the deep tissue massage is custom made, but the skincare retail used in all of the facials is Eminence Organics. While massage and facials are highest in demand at 50 percent, body & specialty treatments are about 25 percent, and hair and nails are about 15 percent.