The Spa as a Sacred Space

Connecting the space and with divine energy


This article series on creating a Wellness Brand in the spa and Walking the Talk have brought you multiple thoughts on expanding the Spa’s Wellness branding as well as the culture within the spa that reflects and projects the concept of wellness. The guest should FEEL themselves relaxing and feeling better as soon as they walk through the door. If everyone understands that the Spa really is a Sacred Space, and is able to respect and honor this as a lifestyle within the spa culture, the difference will be noticed by your guests, guaranteed.

If you look up information on sacred spaces, you will find much information about different religions, and cultures. There are sacred shrines, sacred rituals that help create a sacred space. However, the common denominator within all sacred spaces, is what is practiced there…connection with the sacred.

The service provider becomes a conduit within the sacred space of the spa. This is a completely different concept than what most spas offer.

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The sacred, when studied, is really connection with divine energy. This just means, that any place there is a connection to the divine energy within and by doing so, feeling their connection to the Universal energy of the divine, is a sacred space. When you understand this, you realize, by offering wellness services we have previously discussed: Reiki, Healing Touch, Meditation, etc., within the space of these practices, becomes sacred space.

The ultimate wellness service is when the service provider, connects with this divine energy as well. The service provider becomes a conduit within the sacred space of the spa. This is a completely different concept than what most spas offer.

We, as service providers, managers, owners, have an amazing opportunity to change peoples lives by changing our own lives to project our services. It is amazing to see service providers and managers grasp and practice this concept. Their business becomes so much more abundant, and the lifestyle between management and staff becomes more organically loving, which is tangible by the guest.

To help maintain and remind all the sacredness of a spa of wellness, I have created the BE ATTITUDES for Spas. I hope you find these thoughts inspirational to maintain your sacred spa space:


BE so concerned about the improvement of yourself that you have no time to judge others…only time to be better.

We judge ourselves, and assume we are being judged, and therefore, feel the need to judge others. We do this in the most innocent of ways without realizing it. When someone says something, we don’t like, we make a judgmental comment. What if, the next time someone either says, or does something, not in our line of thinking, we knew that there is a whole story behind that person? If we all put as much mental and verbal energy into looking at our own individual truths and working to bring about change in ourselves, we would be so enlightened, we wouldn’t even notice the difference in others.


BE a student of your world and look at everything (especially the bad stuff) by what you can learn from it to improve yourself.

Try to view everything that happens to you with an eye towards what you can learn from it. If the same thing keeps happening over and over, you are not learning what you need to, and it keeps repeating. Once we take the learning from the situation – we stop repeating the lesson.


BE spiritual

People who trust in the Universe (God, a Higher Power) feel supported in life and have a feeling of inner peace. Feel the spirit and passion of the work you love. When you feel that passion that is your spirit! People who are spiritual naturally draw people to themselves because everyone is trying to find their own spirituality. We are so fortunate to be in the Spa industry because people who are drawn to work in a Spa, have recognized they need and want, to be in business helping people feel peace, love, and healing.


BE able to let go – Forgiving of yourself and everyone

Many of us hold on to our wounds because it has become part of our identity. True freedom comes from forgiveness and letting go. Ask yourself “Why do I need to hold onto this? What purpose is this serving?” Letting go does not mean you condone what happened; it simply means you’re releasing the hurt, and you value peace of mind more than being right. Letting go is a choice – just as staying hurt is a choice. – It’s up to you.


BE grateful

Whenever you express gratitude for what you have, you attract more of the same. Whenever, you complain about what you don’t have, you attract more of the same. You attract into your life whatever you think about, talk about, and believe. Therefore, by finding gratitude, you energize its existence. Just when you’re having a bad day, is the time to sit down and be grateful for the things you do have.


BE peaceful

Wayne Dyer, in There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem states “I can choose peace Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be… It is always about how you choose to process events, not the events themselves that determine your level of peace”   We have a wonderful opportunity to help our guests find peace. We can all be an instrument of peace.


BE connected to your Higher Power

When you stay connected to your Higher Power, or God, or the Universe, whichever feels more comfortable for you, you are able to feel your passion, love, peace, joy, and bliss. Close your eyes for a moment. Think back to your most blissful moment; the birth of a child, when you first fell in love, whatever it is for you. Now, re-experience that rush of joy and bliss that fills your mind, body, and soul. That was your Higher Power/the Divine within you! You were connected. You can connect through meditation or prayer, or by just going to a quiet place, clearing your mind, and experience the beauty of nature, or the sight of a child sleeping peacefully. Whatever, this is for you, do this daily and watch how your world stays more peaceful.


BE A healer

“… You will be able to bring this energy of healing to everyone you encounter… There is a healer in you, rooted in and always connected to spirit. To know this healer and to make it work in your life and the lives of others; you must get your ego out of the way!”

Wayne Dyer, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

In the Spa, every day, we touch people. We take for granted the power touch itself means to our guest. We have an opportunity to establish a “connection” through touch, which can be healing, depending on “how” you touch. Thinking loving and caring thoughts while touching can make the touch more meaningful.


BE fearless with love

Being fearless with love means never looking for a return. Generously and freely give love to anyone and everyone, just because it is the one thing everybody needs. The person who is difficult and/or hateful is the person in need of the most love. As difficult as this is, share a loving word, or kind action with this person. It is the ONE THING that will stop them in their tracks. It may not happen at that moment, but make no mistake, it will happen. “ I assure you, that the simple recognition of hatred being a form of misdirected love and a reflection of that person feeling unloved is enough to disempower and release the hatred.” Wayne Dyer, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. Always be generous with love, it is the only thing that really matters.


BE love

For most of us, it is so hard to love ourselves. Self-love needs to be practiced. In “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, she recommends standing in front of the mirror and telling the person you see that you love them. The more self-love you feel and practice, the more you have to give your guests and colleagues. This is a gift that when you give it to yourself, everyone benefits from. “When we really love ourselves, everything else works,” Louise Hay, You Can Heal your Life. When people really look you in the eye, what will they see? Become love!