The Skin’s Microbiome

Understanding and protecting our largest organ


The skin’s microbiome is a carefully balanced ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, pH levels, and other symbiotic microorganisms. This helps keep the body protected, educated, and youthful. The microbiome of the skin is something that was normally left to the scientist to discuss and postulate about. However, now with more advanced technology and DNA information we are able to learn more about the 1.8 million delicate ecosystems that exist on a single human body.

The idea that we have millions upon millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yes even mites is enough to make anyone want to vigorously wash their face and place it under a blue, bacteria killing light. But we need all those miniscule creepy crawlies to stay in good health. In utero the skin is sterile, and it is not until birth that we are exposed to bacteria and fully develop our microbiome. Once this version of our microbiome is established it only begins to flourish and change throughout our lives as it serves within the barrier function.

Microbiome research is only going to continue to grow as it is recognized as a big part of health and disease diagnosis.


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Kara McLucas-Mark

Kara McLucas-Mark is a licensed esthetician with a medical focus. She has worked with multiple modalities including non-ablative lasers, microcurrent, ultrasound skin tightening, and radiofrequency machines. She lives with her husband and two dogs outside of Annapolis, MD. She loves learning about new skin developments, her LED light, and jade roller!