The Power of Breath

 Inhale and exhale the life you desire through Conscious and Introspective Breathwork

You are invited to take a moment to bring your focus to your breath. Notice how you are breathing and where in your body you are breathing. Simply be present with yourself and your breath. Observe your inhale and tune into the present moment.  

What do you need? What can you let go of? Can you adjust your posture to invite more breath, more life? 

Conscious Breathwork is an old technique of mindful, focused breathing that positively impacts your mind, body, and overall health. It helps you become more in tune with your body and emotions and helps with many different health issues. Today, Conscious Breathwork is becoming more and more popular because it’s a healing modality that actually works! Plus, you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything special – all you need is your breath. 

Your clients seek connection. 

The truth is every client you encounter is seeking connection. They want to be seen, want to be heard, and feel good about themselves. As the professional, you are holding space for them to process, release, and transform. Often, clients arrive with an entire lifetime of unprocessed trauma, not feeling good enough in their bodies, and want to feel alive again. You hold space for your clients in ways they may not get in their day-to-day lives. I know you know what I’m talking about.  

When a client is vulnerable, sharing their stories, feelings, and being REAL with you, this is an opportunity to connect, support, and help them digest life. Breathwork provides you with the tools to help your client and you – that much more. Using breathwork to strengthen the relationship between you and the client will have positive, long-lasting effects. Help them de-stress more, overcome anxiety, and feel more connected to themself. With breathwork you become a safe, empowering space, and you’ll be able to learn how not to absorb their energy too. 

“The intention behind Introspective Breathwork is to unveil the events in your life that have made an imprint in your being.”


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Debbie Schirmann

Debbie Schirmann is a Breathworker based out of Colorado. She began her practice through other mind-body-spirit healing modalities such as massage therapy, yoga, reiki, meditation, and more. She is co-founder of One Breath Institute, a personal healing and breathwork training institution focusing on Introspective Breathwork. She is also the owner of Love Today Therapy, where she provides breathing techniques to assist persons throughout the motherhood journey and children reset their nervous system, minimize birth trauma and help end generational trauma.