The Healing Room

Creating a healing space within the spa using Reiki energy healing


As life’s pace steadily quickens and the rigid restrictions placed on our businesses are relaxing, clients new and true are filling our books allowing spa professionals a sigh of relief as we start to see the stability of repeat business and rising profits. As we welcome back our beloved guests, now may be the time to expand our relaxation and rejuvenation services in unexpected ways. I call on you to embrace the next wave of the wellness revolution by considering adding energetic healing offerings such as Reiki to your service menu as a new way to frame wellness. Guests may not only be seeking a clear complexion but additionally ways to harmonize, rejuvenate, and reduce stress in their body, mind, and spirit.

Natural energetic therapy such as Reiki may be new to you, but it is not “New Age” by any means. Reiki is an ancient form of touchless healing where an attuned practitioner harnesses the gentle flow of universal energy to harmonize your body’s energy centers fostering a profound overall sense of internal peace and deep relaxation. It is believed our body’s energy centers correspond with emotions or stories in our lives, if left unresolved these can be felt in our body as stress, tension, or unhappiness. Reiki aims to assist the release of any held emotions, allowing you the freedom to relax tension and experience tranquility. Reiki’s development and practice date back to 1922. Despite its ancient roots, Reiki is steadily making its way into mainstream spa treatment offerings.

Clearing your treatment room in between clients removes the imprint of anyone else who has previously been in your space.” Why is lip care important?.

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Something to point out about bringing in energy services is that there is virtually no added cost to your spa’s bottom line. All you truly need to begin services is a comfortable bed and an attuned practitioner, who could be a current member of your staff or a new employee. Anyone who has the desire can learn and offer Reiki. When adding Reiki to your menu it can be positioned as a stand-alone treatment, offered as a package or series of treatments, or incorporated as a seamless add-on to your existing spa services. Reiki and other energetic treatments could prove to be a valuable differentiator in your spa’s offerings as clients often express leaving the Reiki experience feeling refreshed and connected in more introspective and holistic ways.

Capture the attention of the Reiki-curious client by adding a short video or FAQ space on your social media or website listing the potential benefits that come along with Reiki which has essentially zero contraindications. These informative posts could state that Reiki meets you exactly where you are, and clarify any complicated preparation processes (such as diet restrictions, etc.) are not necessary to have a full experience. Staying well-hydrated is commonly suggested which is in alignment with our usual skincare recommendations. Hydration is helpful in moving energy flow through your body before and after a session. Have a section on your release form specifying that Reiki is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease.

Here are a few ways to prepare your client for their energy service in your space, ensuring they can rest easy knowing only their best interest is at heart.

Wearing comfortable clothing is recommended. If a Reiki session is offered as a standalone service the client does not change, they would lay down fully clothed for the session. If the Reiki service is incorporated with a facial or massage service, the client would change for the spa service as usual. Time to get creative and imagine a treatment flow that feels impactful for both you and your client, depending on your protocol you could complete energy work before, after, or throughout your spa service.

Setting the energy of your treatment room

Clearing your treatment room in between clients removes the imprint of anyone else who has previously been in your space. Traditionally you may think of lighting candles or sage to prepare for energy work, but If the thought of open flames and smoke has you concerned you can get the same clearing effects by waving a white towel and using intentions to ensure your client enters a safe space to release and relax.

How to clear your space with a towel: Hold the towel width-wise and wave the towel from the back wall of your treatment room to the door whisking out unwanted feelings, or vibrations. This towel method is sufficient to clear the space without open flames. Battery-operated candles are also a wonderful option for ambiance.

Center yourself as a therapist

This is a good habit to consider before and after every treatment, you perform.

How to center yourself: Before you step into the room to begin a service, take a minimum of 3 deep clearing breaths, with each exhale focus on pushing out any feeling or thought that is not in your highest good or takes away from your focus for that service. As we are working closely with many different people in our day we can often unknowingly “feel” what they are feeling. Have you ever heard a client say ”oh I had such a headache when I came, now it’s gone” and now you have a headache? Another example is “I always feel so much better when I leave here” but as the day goes on you as the therapist feel drained? Take note that clearing or centering yourself could become a valuable part of your workday even without an energetic service on the schedule.

Bed Preparation

Again, this is our traditional setup of blankets and bolsters for optimal client comfort. During energetic sessions, your clients could experience shifts in their body temperature. You may want to keep any heating pads on low or turned off altogether. Depending on how committed you are to energy work you can upgrade the experience by placing a crystal gemstone mat on the bed for extra support, some models are equipped to offer “hot stone style heat”, or far-infrared heat to reduce tension and relieve fatigued muscles.

Choosing to invest in these mats could be offered as an add-on or up charge to your service and can pay for themselves in a short amount of time, any revenue beyond that becomes pure profit.

*** Keep a box of tissues close by releasing energy can equate to releasing emotions associated with our feeling’s tears can be an incredibly healing aspect of the session.

Lighting: The warm glow of a salt lamp makes a great addition to any treatment room Salt lamps also emit stress-reducing negative ions and serve as a wonderful way to set the mood and purify the air in your space. You may also find weighted eye mask is a great service to your client. This is a nice way to give your client a bit of privacy as you move through the various hand positions of the treatment.

TIP: warm the eye mask up by keeping it in your towel warmer for a few minutes before your session starts.

Scent: Essential oils can offer mood-boosting effects on your service. You can start with one to two drops of a single oil or find a blend labeled with the properties of Calming, Clearing, or Relaxing. Having a few options on hand gives you the versatility to customize the mood to the client. Using an oil diffuser can fill the room with a mood-boosting aroma. Or you could open the service by having the client inhale one drop of oil before the session begins.

Crystals: Crystals are not necessary for Reiki but if you want one or two on hand. Look for a Clear Quartz to amplify positivity and a Smoky Quartz to keep you stable as you work.

Get intentional with your playlist: soft sounds of nature can amplify relaxation. Experiment with chimes or sinning bowls lightly ringing as you work. You can also try playing a soundtrack infused with hertz frequencies throughout your day. There are 7 tones believed to create positive energetic shifts to the listener, this essentially benefits you and your client simultaneously.

Take time to notice that each step could be viewed as routine in our workday. Then notice when intentionally layered together it is these small shifts that add up to profound changes in our client’s vitality. Whether you decide to incorporate updated wellness experiences into your spa now or at a later date just remember we as spa professionals have the ability to lift the feelings of self-worth and self-love in our clients through our work. Do not lose sight of how valuable we as practitioners are in nurturing one another’s individual feeling of worthiness and connection, what we are collectively working on is more than skin deep.

*** Check in with your insurance provider to verify requirements for coverage as massage therapists and Estheticians.