The Beauty Frequency

Upgrading the world of beauty through vibrational shifts

There is a positive, and in my opinion, a very welcomed energetic shift happening in the health, wellness, and beauty industry. This shift’s initiation is a result of advanced science, technology, and a collective ascension of consciousness. Health and beauty are beginning to be seen with fresh new eyes, and we are no longer looking at an industry through a lens of fear, obligation, and exclusion. This shift has initiated the evolution and the uplifting of humanity. Every human being controls their own power switch to turn on optimum health, vibrant beauty, and overall well-being! I call this energetic shift; The Beauty Frequency.

To tap into The Beauty Frequency, one must change the vibration of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. To achieve these vibrational shifts in the four bodies, I use a combination of microcurrent, scalar energy, Reiki, my intuitive energetic gifts, and self-discovery programs. Here’s a breakdown of this four-part process:

Removing or releasing stuck energy within the body caused by emotional trauma plays a vital role in upgrading to The Beauty Frequency.

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Upgrading the Physical Body

From a scientific standpoint, beauty is a result of good health. There is no truer statement (and the foundation of The Beauty Frequency) than “when you feel good, you look good.” To upgrade one’s ability to create optimum health within their body, I use microcurrent to “turn one’s bioenergetic station” to that of a healthy body.

Scientists and doctors worldwide have discovered that each part of our body down to our cells is operating at specific frequencies. A high functioning cell operates at one frequency, and a low functioning or deteriorating cell operates at a different frequency. If you alter the frequency, you can alter the cell, organ, and system.

These scientists and doctors have captured high-functioning cells’ frequency and created a system (microcurrent) to direct these frequencies into our physical body. So even someone with lower functioning or deteriorating cells can hook themselves up to a microcurrent device and tap into the frequency of healthier functioning cells, creating healthier organs and systems within their body.

Everything from beauty-related frequencies (skin elasticity, acne, aging, hair and nail growth) to sleep, focus, and pain-related frequencies are now available and accessible to everyone. The result of proficient organ and cellular function? Detoxification, purification, stress reduction, energy increase, healthy weight, and age reversal (to name a few); essentially, physical beauty.

Upgrading the Mental Body

Overall well-being does not solely rely on a healthy physical body. As a woman and as a beauty professional, the beauty industry’s past and present frequencies have neglected if not promoted unhealthy mental function. The proof is evidenced in every eight year old who thinks they’re ugly or fat and is already learning how to pose in pictures; with every 12 year old who experiments with eating disorders or self-destructive habits to cope with fitting in; in every 20 something (or younger) getting botox, filler or implants to try to look like a celebrity or for fear of aging; and with every adult who goes their entire life deriving their worth from their physical appearance.

So how do we upgrade our mental bodies to The Beauty Frequency? Microcurrent plays a role here too. Just as scientists have discovered and captured the frequencies for optimum functioning physical bodies, they have also discovered and captured frequencies for a healthy mental body. These frequencies can also be tapped into through microcurrent to stimulate and increase things like inner strength & unity, mental balance, positive thoughts, feeling good, and contentment (to name a few).

In addition to microcurrent, education is imperative for a mental body upgrade to The Beauty Frequency. I have created an interactive program called The Awakened Beauty Program that takes one on an in-depth educational and self-discovery journey to rewire the mental body and awaken things within themself that will promote positive self-image and removal of judgment, comparison, self imposter syndrome, and any other lower beauty frequencies affecting how they see themselves and others.

Upgrading the Emotional Body

Removing or releasing stuck energy within the body caused by emotional trauma plays a vital role in upgrading to The Beauty Frequency. On top of our own emotional trauma experienced in our lifetime, science has proven through epigenetics that the trauma experienced by our ancestors (especially our mothers and grandmothers) is also passed down to us. When we do not process and release these layers of compiled emotions, disease is created in the body. And so, the emotional body must also be tended to for the upgrading process to work.

There are microcurrent frequencies that can be used here too (like emotional well-being, stress, and care, to name a few), but this is also where I utilize the frequencies of emotionally balancing remedies such as Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers, Alaskan Gem Elixirs as well as Reiki and chakra cleansing to help my clients release stuck emotional energy.

Upgrading the Spiritual Body

Upgrading the spiritual body to The Beauty Frequency is the last but essential part of completing the upgrade. If the connection to oneself and others is missing, vibrating at The Beauty Frequency is not possible.

Our Higher Self is who we would be if we were raised in the most loving, accepting, and supportive way that allowed for our gifts and abilities to naturally bloom without any trauma or negative interference. If, from a young age, we were taught to cultivate a positive relationship to our physical appearance and honor our bodies; if we were celebrated, respected, and praised for exactly who we are by all others; if we didn’t experience any restrictions or setbacks to keep us back from living the life we dream about (or our soul’s calling) we would be living as our Higher Selves.

Our Higher Selves act as our guide showing us the way towards living our best, healthiest lives and up to our fullest potential (the reason we’re here). When we are connected to our Higher Selves, we see the world around us completely differently! We see beauty everywhere. Cleary why upgrading our spiritual bodies is an unskippable and transformational part of upgrading to The Beauty Frequency.

Upgrading and connecting to the Spiritual Body can be activated through microcurrent via programs (soul well-being and the seven chakras), but this is where a Chakra Cleanse is the most helpful. A Chakra Cleanse is a powerful one-on-one session where I utilize Reiki, scalar frequencies, and my intuitive energetic gifts to read and guide a client to connect with their Higher Self.

Impact of The Beauty Frequency

My mission is to raise the vibration in the world of beauty, self-image, health, and wellness by creating new experiences, and inspiring and guiding other health, wellness & beauty professionals to do the same, creating a ripple effect of The Beauty Frequency.

Why? Because when one truly believes they are beautiful, when they feel their best and are in control of their health, they become superhuman beings. They are happier, kinder, accepting, loving, generous, and they act as mirrors for others to see what they are capable of and charging stations for others to plug into to upgrade to this frequency. The result is an upgrade to humanity as a whole, and no one can argue that humanity doesn’t need an upgrade.