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Creating a couple’s getaway package for romancing and relaxing


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Treatments for Two

Creating a couple’s getaway package for romancing and relaxing

The spa industry is expected to grow to $127.6 billion in 2022. With the ever-growing obsession around skincare, beauty, and wellness, this makes perfect sense. However, this growth is largely accredited to women. Men, on the other hand, only make up about 30% of the average spa’s clientele. And these men are generally visiting for massage services only!


A way to get more visitors in the door and increase the number of male guests is to create day packages designed for couples. These packages can include multiple treatments for two people at the same time during a visit. There are many benefits to configuring day packages that appeal to this area of your client base.

Similar to skincare programs, couple’s day packages are billed as one big service making them
a superb cash flow opportunity for your spa.

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New Loyal Clients
Honestly speaking, a couples package can very well be a man’s first time visiting your spa. That doesn’t mean it will be the last! It’s common for the regular spa-goer to plan these visits, but the partner with less spa experience may just fall in love again– this time with a massage or facial!

Couple’s packages are the ultimate way to gain new loyal clients by giving them an experience they didn’t know they were missing out on.


Marketing couple’s services as a gifting opportunity can help you capitalize on holidays, special events, and anniversaries. It’s a unique, yet romantic way for partners to celebrate important events in their relationship. Expect men and women alike to be booking these packages throughout the whole year!


Booked and Busy
Offering couple’s day packages guarantees work for multiple specialists in a single day. Because two clients are being worked on simultaneously, at least two estheticians or two massage therapists will need to be booked. Depending on how many services are within the package, then even more specialists can be utilized.


Similar to skincare programs, couple’s day packages are billed as one big service making them a superb cash flow opportunity for your spa. Strategically marketing couple’s packages during certain times of the year will produce an influx of bookings. This, of course, greatly benefits your specialists and business by increasing the number of visitors.


Options Upon Options
There are many ways to construct these packages to appeal to your clients. The traditional couple’s massage package is one of the most popular ways to offer these services. If this service becomes popular, think about dedicating a larger treatment room to cater to couples’ massages. You’ll be surprised at how many people book this package regardless of the time of the year! Another popular configuration for couple’s packages is to include a facial and massage in the Bundle. This is an ideal chance to introduce more men or spa newbies to your skincare services. The goal is for them to enjoy it so much that they begin to return regularly for facials as Well.


Another model package consists of a facial, massage, and body treatment. The more services, the more time they are spending in your place of business. This specific package idea is a great way for a couple to spend a few hours together for some luxury pampering. Because there are so many ways to design couple’s day packages, you get the creative liberty to present something unique to your clients! This can help you stand out from other spas in your area.


Make it Special
When someone books a couple’s day package, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re celebrating something! Your client will likely be more than excited to share if they are coming in to mark a special occasion. Not only does this give you a way to connect with your guests, but it allows you the opportunity to incorporate something meaningful into their visit that will make it more memorable. Consider including a free add-on service as a way to commemorate this happy moment for your clients.


If the couple chooses a package with 3 or more services, think about offering a complimentary lunch as a thank-you for choosing your spa. They will be in your studio for a few hours and will appreciate the forethought. This is a notable way to increase the appeal of the larger packages while supporting local restaurants near you!


With big events coming up like Valentine’s Day, now is the best time to think about unique add-ons you can include for couples who are looking to book around this time. Simple things like a free candle or chocolates with purchase, or a complimentary foot massage with their facial as a Valentine’s Day promotion can motivate people to book.


Different Couple Types
It’s important to note that these packages don’t have to cater only to romantic couples! While it’s a smart idea to market them this way (especially around the more romantic holidays) try not to limit your spa to only these circumstances. These couple packages make for amazing gifts in many scenarios. Friends coming in together, a gift for siblings, or even a bride and her maid of honor will enjoy these packages. The opportunities are unlimited! This is why it’s a good idea to ask what/if there’s a celebration during the booking process. Consider adding a “notes” box in the online booking section. This gives the client a chance to add information that they deem important to their visit.