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Face Fit Bar

A new concept in facial fitness


A gym for your face?!? That may sound like an odd concept, but it is exactly the type of innovative spa that opened its doors two years ago in one of the world’s glamour capitals, Miami Beach. This unique spot, described as “where nature meets science,” is the brainchild of results-driven esthetician Lana Mar.

“I started like everyone else, as an ordinary esthetician. I never felt like I knew enough and had very low self- esteem, and that’s probably what kept me going. Even when clients would tell me I gave them the best facial they ever had, I would still be in denial,” explains Mar. “I was working in the most luxuri- ous spas in Miami and was very disap- pointed in their treatment protocol. I felt like breaking some rules to match the amount paid for treatment to its quality. I started secretly incorporating massage into facials and it became my obsession. I learned every single face massage style that exists and created my own techniques, blending every- thing from Japanese Kobido to Russian Split Massage. I wanted to create a fa- cial that gives clients instant results and instant lift, which will make them look in the mirror all day after treatment.”

I wanted to create a facial that gives clients instant results and instant lift , that will make them look in the mirror all day after treatment.


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