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Face Fit Bar

A new concept in facial fitness


A gym for your face?!? That may sound like an odd concept, but it is exactly the type of innovative spa that opened its doors two years ago in one of the world’s glamour capitals, Miami Beach. This unique spot, described as “where nature meets science,” is the brainchild of results-driven esthetician Lana Mar.

“I started like everyone else, as an ordinary esthetician. I never felt like I knew enough and had very low self- esteem, and that’s probably what kept me going. Even when clients would tell me I gave them the best facial they ever had, I would still be in denial,” explains Mar. “I was working in the most luxuri- ous spas in Miami and was very disap- pointed in their treatment protocol. I felt like breaking some rules to match the amount paid for treatment to its quality. I started secretly incorporating massage into facials and it became my obsession. I learned every single face massage style that exists and created my own techniques, blending every- thing from Japanese Kobido to Russian Split Massage. I wanted to create a fa- cial that gives clients instant results and instant lift, which will make them look in the mirror all day after treatment.”

I wanted to create a facial that gives clients instant results and instant lift , that will make them look in the mirror all day after treatment.

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Mar created a ‘face workout concept’ as a natural alternative to fillers and Botox. She focused on face lifts without a needle, using innovative tech- nologies in combination with ancient techniques and luxury organic skincare to sculpt and visibly lift facial muscles. This noninvasive treatment tones, tight- ens, and sculpts 42 facial muscles, using high-energy massage movements and cutting-edge technology. Face Fit Bar brings facials out of the box and out of the room, for an open concept expe- rience. It’s very high energy spa in an area bustling with locals and tourists. After Mar had a severe allergic reaction to Botox, she knew there was demand for an alternative, and she was ready to show the world her Botox Effect Facial.


Face Fitness has become a move- ment with its shocking instant results and noninvasive method, touted by models and celebrities. After being used for Miami Swim Week, photo- shoots, private events, and fashion shows, the media took notice. Cut to 2022, with a worldwide clientele book- ing their appointments up to six months in advance. Keep reading to discover why clients can’t get enough of Face Fit Bar.

Signature Treatments

Face Fit’s signature is the Face Fitness Facial a.k.a. the Botox Effect Facial . Get ready for a serious workout, this is not your classic facial! A personal trainer performs a warm-up, cardio, and cool down all while using an in- tense face lift massage and microcur- rent. Clients see and feel the results of plumper looking skin, lifted brows, a defined jawline, and more prominent cheekbones. The treatment finishes off with cryo spoons or a Cool Lifting Gun to recover facial muscles. Another sought-after procedure is the Ultimate Power Lift. This anti-aging reconstructive facial is basically a face lift without a needle. It features mi- crocurrent, ultrasonic extractions, a customized enzyme peel, signature hybrid massage, Gua Sha sculpting, cryo therapy and LED light. With this exclusive combination of treatments, clients walk out with a noticeably dif- ferent face shape.



“The power of social media and word of mouth have been my two free and most successful marketing tools, as well as five star customer service,” notes Mar. “Every client who walks through that door is my VIP. We strive to provide the most exceptional treatments, with immediate results through non-invasive methods. Clients love instant results!”

Mar works with with models, in- fluencers, and celebrities who love to have the facials before events, pho- toshoots, weddings, or even after a night out when they wake up puffy and swollen. “Our method gives you sky- high cheekbone and a defined jawline, and if you don’t believe it, just wait until you see it (especially with make up on), your mind will be blown! We don’t really make any extra effort to ask them to revisit. In the middle or end of the facial, we always get a request to book the next appointment or join our Members Club,” says Mar.


Training leads to success and return- ing clients, and Mar’s team never stops learning new techniques. According to Mar, because many clients visit on a weekly or biweekly basis, they are always prepared with something new, whether it’s a new massage technique, a new product, or a lesson on home care. “Home care is so important, it’s like going to the dentist and not brushing your teeth. We encourage clients to re- peat the massage movements we teach them at home and use Gua Sha or a Kansa wand to do lymphatic drainage.” Mar observes her estheticians daily, and is always willing help with their technique, offer advice, or answer ques- tions they might have. On a monthly basis the team gathers for discussion, to create new treatments, work on social media content, or just exchange ideas. Employees are encouraged to prac- tice facials on each other, as it’s helpful to experience the massage pressure, timing, and temperature of cryo tools.

Special Events and Promotions

Members enjoy monthly in-salon events to build special relationships and trust. “It’s more than just a facial, it’s a move- ment of inspiring people to build confi- dence and fall in love with themselves, breaking the stereotype of plastics. I love to speak during events about nat- ural beauty and self-love. Sometimes what we think are flaws might become our brightest features,” says Mar.

Mar also participates in educational events and pop ups, fcdfrom holistic happy hours to teach Gua Sha and sip some herbal tea, to a Masterclass on Face Fitness for Miami Swim Week.


Revenue and Retail

Face Fit Bar partners with few brands of swimwear, fitness wear, and jewelry. Recently, a partnership was formed with Pegasi, selling their workout clothes in the spa.

As for products, Mar is very particu- lar. “I can easily tell which product is ahero and which one is a zero. I love to work with different brands and be- lieve that each skincare line has its star product. But being very selective, as well as allergic to many ingredients, I have selected the best and most effective retail products from Yon-Ka Paris , Skin Script, and Face Reality to Korean skincare brands . Next year, I am planning on adding PCA Skin, Sesderma, and Repechage.”


Mar is also proud to announce an official partnership with Theraface by Therabody, as one of the first spa part- ners for a face workout massage tool that is going viral on social media. This month also sees the launch of an on- line retail shop.

Besides facials, the spa is also known for brows, with Magazine Cover Brows a popular service. Lash extensions and lash lift are also in high demand.

Mar remembers that as single mom working many jobs, she initially couldn’t afford to make her dream come true. She was hustling to survive. “If had funding back then, I would have loca- tions all over the world by now. But I am grateful for what I have, and I am just getting started!


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