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Cici Skincare

Specialty: Customized Treatments

Signature Treatment

The Signature Facial is Cici’s staple service, an experience meticulously personalized to unique skin type and concerns. It begins with a comprehensive skin evaluation to ensure precise customization. Next, either Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning gently exfoliate away lifeless surface skin cells, paving the path for optimal cleansing and absorption of active ingredients. Following this, enzymes are applied to dissolve any residual dead skin, facilitating subsequent extractions. A skilled aesthetician selects a medical-grade treatment mask designed to promptly elevate skin quality. The gravity of the extractions guides the esthetician’s choice between red light therapy and/or oxygen treatment, both pivotal in catalyzing the skin’s healing journey. Sequentially, thoughtfully curated serums, hydrators, and creams are applied, culminating in the option for either facial cupping, a gentle Gua Sha routine, or a lymphatic drainage massage.


Attracting new clients and encouraging their return involves a combination of effective marketing strategies and outstanding customer service. During initial consultations, short- and long-term skin goals are discussed to create an easy-to-understand, actionable plan. This approach is the driving force in retaining lifelong clients.

A combination of marketing strategies attract new clientele. The majority of marketing efforts are concentrated on social media, notably Instagram and Facebook, where marketing campaigns are run using paid ads to engage the audience. Email marketing maintains contact with existing clients, and a weekly newsletter includes updates as well as skincare tips.

Special Events & Promotions

There are two major sales throughout the year, Mother’s Day and Black Friday, during which all retail products are 15 percent off. Cici Skincare also hosts two community outreach events. One is for health and wellness, which provides a half-day retreat full of wholesome activities that focus on mental health, confidence, and healing in the community. The second is focused on client appreciation. This year, they are building a holiday market, open to the public and free of charge, for clients to come with their families and enjoy gearing up for the holiday season.

“Attracting new clients and encouraging their return involves a combination of effective marketing strategies and outstanding customer service. ”


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