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Heal Thy Goddess


Heal Thy Goddess, the peaceful Solana Beach, California spa where hands are the most revered tool, is the brainchild of Owner and Spa Director Mo Trezise. “I got involved in the spa business through becoming an esthetician. I always had a dream to own my own spa! Originally, I began as a solo practitioner, just renting a room, about five years ago.” The spa has since grown, relocating in January 2023. “What is most unique about our spa is that we strive to create a client experience. It’s not just about the products or the services, it’s also about the bond and rapport we build with clients,” says Trezise. 

The spa features one private treatment room in addition to one community treatment room, with three stations available for express treatments. According to Trezise, it is best to first hone your skills, and growth will follow. “Be patient, Rome was not built in a day. Don’t worry about perfectionism or having all the right things in the right places, just execute and adjust or refine later. People may try to copy you or your services, but they will truly never be YOU.”

With new clients, Trezise likes to emphasize that sessions are more of a facial massage – a blend between a facial and a massage. “We strongly emphasize that massage is the most powerful healing modality, something machines or creams will never be able to replicate. Clients leave with hydrated, glowing skin and a natural enhancement of their facial features, sculpted cheekbones and a pronounced jawline. They look and feel refreshed.”

At Heal Thy Goddess, the focus is on creating the client experience. It’s not just about the products or the services, it’s also about the bond and rapport built with clients.

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Signature Treatment

The most popular facial is the 60-minute Ritual Facial. In a typical session, clients choose an essential oil of their liking to be used for an aromatherapy breathing exercise. Once they have settled in with a few deep breaths, next is a double cleanse, tone, enzyme mask application. While the enzyme mask is setting, a massage is performed on the chest, neck, and shoulders to open up the lymph and address any muscle tension. Then, a technique called honey tapping encourages detoxing of the lymph pathways. 

An extensive and lengthy facial massage works each muscle group individually and in localized, focused movements to target any puffiness or inflammation as well as specific areas of concern like fine lines and wrinkles. An intraoral (inner mouth) buccal massage focuses on the buccinator, the buccal fat pads as well was the masseters, and TMJ as well as the lateral pterygoids. Clients may feel a deep release in their jaw as it lets loose the hinges and creates more space for blood flow, lymph flow, and overall a general release of muscle tension.

Once the external and internal muscular structure of the face is thoroughly massaged, everything is removed with a hot towel and finishing products are applied. The treatment is wrapped up with a hot towel under the neck and a scalp massage with light stretching of the neck, arms, and legs to encompass the full body. A sound bath concludes the treatment with quartz singing bowls.


Heal Thy Goddess attracts new clients mostly through word of mouth, Instagram, or Google SEO. They are encouraged to revisit either with a promotional discount for rebooking, or just by simply creating a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else. Clients return even after trying other spas when they realize the training and knowledge creates an experience that cannot be duplicated. 

“Google reviews do really well for us! I’ve learned it’s much easier and more worthwhile to focus on the clients you already have instead of trying to constantly capture new clients. With repeat clients, they have already made the decision to spend their money with your brand because of you or your ethos,” shares Trezise. 

As for marketing via social media, Trezise likes to keep in mind that building credibility and gaining client trust before they decide to invest is key. The spa’s social media is focused on educating, entertaining, and engaging with the audience. This builds trust and makes clients more willing to invest when they have already been provided with value.  


“At Heal Thy Goddess, one thing that sets us apart is our extensive trainings for our estheticians. I train every employee myself in my unique massage techniques, as well as bedside manner, spa etiquette, sales techniques, and more. When a practitioner is newly hired they shadow me through a 30 day training process. Once training is complete, employees have a 90 day review,” explains Trezise. 

Monthly team meetings are held along with monthly one on one meetings, usually late on Monday afternoons via Zoom when everyone is available. In group meetings, big picture projects are discussed as well as marketing promotions, content creation, and general housekeeping topics. In one on one meetings, performance is discussed along with a general check in of how things are going to ensure everyone is feeling happy, content, and fulfilled. 

Practitioners receive an hourly wage as well as a commission on services and product sales. This motivates practitioners to ensure clients rebook and purchase products. Other incentives include contests with a cash prize, based on whoever gets the most rebooks based on average number of clients seen, or product sales. 

Special Events 

Heal Thy Goddess occasionally hosts special events called Goddess Circles to encourage community building and bonding. They have different themes, such as “Gua Sha Girls Night,” that start with a group tutorial, then a mask and sipping some tea, making for a fun evening hanging out. These events don’t require much prep, aside from spreading the word about a month in advance.

Revenue and Retail  

The process of selecting products that go into the retail store is a lengthy one! “One unique thing that sets us apart is our dedication to clean, nontoxic skincare and beauty products. 

Things we are looking for, aside from the efficacy of the product itself, is the packaging, brand recognition, ingredients, quality sourcing, social media presence, and brand ethos,” details Trezise. “Once we see something checks off all the boxes, we also try the product before investing in a large retail order. We are very proud to offer only the highest quality products with the best nontoxic ingredients. Our vetting process is part of what makes us unique!”

While the spa retails many product lines, their main lines featured in the backbar and storefront include Agent Natuer, Laurel Whole Plant Organics, and Josh Rosebrook, plus many other small batch indie beauty brands. The retail selection also includes spa and spiritual items such as essential oils, sage, crystals, gua shas, rollers, and more.

“We don’t have many incentives to encourage retail sales, asides from the classic ‘letting products speak for themselves,’ and also giving complimentary samples. I think for this reason, when we do offer sales promotions, they do really well because clients know it is a once in a blue moon type of occasion,” notes Trezise. First time clients receive 15 percent off their product purchase with a google review. Also offered is an ongoing promotion of 15 percent off an online sale to encourage use of the online store so clients don’t need to wait until their next appointment to restock their favorite at home products.

Spa revenue breaks down to 60 percent from services, 20 percent from products, and 20 percent from classes. The clientele is 95 percent women, and 80 percent who live less than 30 minutes away, making Heal Thy Goddess a local favorite. However, 20 percent of clients drive in from Los Angeles, Orange County, and other nearby cities, with some on vacation in the area who come in to see what the buzz is all about.