Soothing Sun-Kissed Skin

How to assess and treat skin with sun damage


Sun damage can occur at any time of the year, even in Winter, a fact that surprises most clients. Many people toss their sunscreen under the bathroom sink as soon as the temperature drops lower than 50 degrees. With Summer right around the corner, you may be noticing more clients coming in with concerns of discoloration, dryness, freckles, uneven skin tone, or fine lines, which are all common signs of sun damage.

Sun damage occurs when unprotected, prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays rapidly harm skin cells in the epidermal layer. This radiation can permeate down through the other layers of the skin. Inflammation can occur, which is what we know as sunburn. For most, a sunburn will gradually fade into an appealing tan. The darkening of the skin tone is the body’s way of protecting itself from future damage. There are plenty of ways to help clients with sun damage, and introducing soothing facials to your service menu may be just what your business needs this Summer.

Hydration plays an important role in bal- ancing the skin’s barrier. .


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Ariana Roseman

Ariana Roseman is a licensed esthetician in Ann Arbor, MI who equally partakes in the holistic, medical, and luxury sides of the spa industry. She got her start immediately after discovering that her lifelong passion for beauty and skincare could be made into a career. Her attention to detail has made her known for her work as a lash artist, wax specialist, and spray tan technician. She runs where she shares skincare and beauty advice blogs!