Skin Cell Chat

How skin cells communicate with each other


In human biology, one of the most fascinating evolutionary traits we’ve developed is cell signaling or, put another way, the ability your cells have to effectively communicate with one another. In fact, in all aspects of human existence, we have put all our time, energy, and money into figuring out ways we can better communicate with our friends, family, and colleagues across the globe. While technology dominates the medium in which humans communicate with the rest of the world, the conversation happening between your cells is mediated by biological chemicals known as cytokines. This ubiquitous class of chemicals, that also includes growth factors and chemokines, are known collectively as “protein messenger molecules” that act as the language of your cells, and it’s what all your cells (except red blood cells and corneocytes) use to literally communicate with each other, effectively coordinating all biological activity. These biological signals are necessary for life itself, and they play a significant role in keeping our body and skin healthy.

Growth Factors and Cytokines are powerful tools in your skin health and anti-aging arsenal, and their role in a variety of skin conditions has been fully elucidated in the medical literature.


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Daniel Clary

Daniel Clary is a passionate esthetic industry veteran with over 15 years as a licensed esthetician in two states. He has fostered a wealth of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry, skin physiology and molecular biology, which has allowed him to be a keynote speaker and be published in respected journals. An elected member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, he strives to deliver top-notch education and is part of a team of science “truth-seekers” as VP of Education at AnteAGE. He also maintains a new beauty and science-focused blog at