Seasonal Skin Care

How the seasons affect your health and quality of your skin


When it comes to the changing of the seasons and the condition of our skin a lot is going on! No doubt the seasons affect not only our skin but our entire system. From Winter to Spring and Summer to Fall, weather changes can affect our skin and throw it out of whack.  Have you had overly dry skin, too much oily skin, not enough moisture in your skin, and sometimes all the same time? Well, this happens usually when the seasons turn. Knowing what to eat and how to take care of our skin during season changes helps alleviate challenges that can come up.

Eating seasonally helps the body nourish with the right ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for the skin to thrive.

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One of the best ways to keep the skin moisture barrier in tip-top shape is to make sure we drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout all the seasons. Granted we may need more water during the Spring and Summer months but maintaining a healthy intake of water all year long is crucial for our health and our skin. It’s also important to understand that sipping water throughout the day is important. Chugging water down does not serve us as it can move right through the system without allowing proper hydration and elimination to take effect. It can be a little annoying to have to constantly be sipping water throughout the day but we can get used to it if we have a bottle we can carry with us at work and play and always at reach.


Nutrition also plays a vital role in the quality and health of our skin during season changes. Eating seasonally and organically with lots of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits helps our skin glow from the inside out. One of the best ways to maintain a healthy glow is to eat the foods the seasons bring in for us. Our gut bacteria can also serve us by digesting the right foods at the right times, keeping us healthy and radiant inside out. For example, during the summer we can consume all the juicy summer fruits, eating raw salads and vegetables as the sun and warmer months call for cooler and lighter foods. This can help our metabolism optimize, assimilate and eliminate nutrients more readily giving rise to healthy radiant skin.

Eating seasonally helps the body nourish with the right ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for the skin to thrive. The best way to know what to eat in your region is to visit your local farmer’s markets. This is a great way to see what foods are being grown and harvested in your neck of the woods. Eating this way will help us understand also what foods best serve us and make us look and feel great.

Skincare Regimens

Having proper and regular skin regimens is also important in our lifestyle to maintain the health of our skin. Especially as the seasons change it’s important to change and utilize products and ingredients for the care of our skin. As we move from Summer to the Fall, for example,  it’s important to help the skin soak in more moisture by using richer creams and gels like aloe that can help increase hydration and skin elasticity. When we eat a balanced diet, hydrate consistently and properly, and eat seasonally we can effectively utilize skincare products to work optimally for us.

Likewise in the Summer and Spring, our skincare can change into lighter creams and gels that can help balance our sebaceous glands to secrete the right amount of oils keeping our complexion clear and alive. Exfoliating the skin is best served in the warmer months rather than the cooler drier, months so that we don’t exasperate the condition of our skin unnecessarily. Knowing what products to use and how much to use them is an important part of our daily skincare routine.

As we move more readily with the seasons, complimenting our diet and skincare protocols with what the weather brings for us helps us develop a deeper and richer understanding of the nature of our body and the quality of our skin. It also gives up clues and solutions of what we need to do if our skin does move out of balance. Always coming back to the simple acts of healthy nutrition and lifestyle forges the best solutions for any challenges that can come our way.

The best way to develop healthy, glowy, gorgeous skin is to be mindful of our day-to-day lifestyle practices and to move and flow with the seasons and circumstances of our lives. Having an integrated state of whole health leads not only to great skin but allows us to live in harmony with the natural world around us. Let food be your medicine and let your daily skincare routine nourish you according to every season that comes along.


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