Rollersagehyanga Massage

Physical and mental relaxation in one


Rollersagehyanga massage is a treatment that is done by rolling stones and massaging the body to help relax the muscle. It also promotes mental relaxation with the sound of marbles.

With Rollersagehyanga massage, we increase the accumulation of Qi, or the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of Chinese philosophy and medicine. It promotes a longer life, improves memory, and helps the mind and consciousness develop and expand. These energy channels are stimulated by increasing our inner power.

“Rollersagehyanga massage promotes a longer life, improves memory, and helps the mind and consciousness develop and expand”

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Rollersagehyanga massage movements require some muscles to contract and others to lengthen. Using certain trigger points can make a muscle reluctant to do either, but stretching and contracting will help muscles relax and your body will feel at ease.

Massaging with the marbles facilitates a deeper level of active relaxation and helps the most powerful part of each muscle to relax. Rollersahyanga massage also works wonders for mental relaxation, which sometimes is very difficult to accomplish. Many people have little awareness of tension in their muscles which affects their mind. By relaxing your mind with the sounds of the marbles, it will help increase your heart rate, helping the blood to flow throughout the body.

When nervous tension or anxiety get out of bounds, an ability to relax your muscles can very quickly return you to your calmer state. Muscles that are habitually tense are in continuous state of nervous preparedness – they don’t get a break. Relaxing the body’s muscles in a systematic way will diminish nervous tension, even helping to alleviate depression in some cases.

Rollesahyanga massage is suggested for muscles spasms, and the sounds of the marbles will help to alleviate sluggishness, back pain, joint pain, and muscles aches. It can also relieve fatigue and sleep difficulties, promoting better relaxation when it comes to sleeping disorders.

Massage increases serotonin levels and melatonin production, hormones that allow the body to reset its circadian rhythm. The healing touch paired with the sounds of these marbles produce a deep state of relaxation, reducing pain and tension in the body.

Rollersagehyanga massage also improves skin regeneration via exfoliation, by exfoliating and removing dead skin with the help of herbs and oils that penetrate and hydrate the skin. The fragrance of these preparations further improve our mental well-being. As the oils penetrate the skin, it helps loosen toxins at a cellular level. The purpose of this massage is to stimulate the senses and balance doshas to achieve spiritual fulfilment and relaxation. It also helps our lymphatic system.

By eliminating fatigue and stimulating blood circulation, it encourages the quick removal of metabolic waste. Massaging these oils into the skin will help with the musculoskeletal system, healthy vision, aging, lustrous hair, strong limbs, stronger skin, vigor for the tissues, and overall nourishment for the whole body.

The combination of sounds and massage will increase energy sources, incorporating a balanced Qi into your daily routine. Rollersagehyanga massage is recommended once a month to balance energy and mental health.


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