Personalized Wellness

Astrology and tarot services at the Spa

Year after year, organizations like the Global Wellness Institute share trends about the steady growing wellness movement. Twenty-twenty, however, was the pivotal moment that catapulted this conversation. With the pandemic, wellness instantly graduated from a movement to a must-have. Overnight, it became non-negotiable as people searched for services that catered to their reinvigorated commitment to health and wellbeing.

Spas have been one of the business sectors most impacted by COVID. Our high touch industry shut down at a time when the urgency for its services skyrocketed. As an industry, we seek socially safe offerings to support our guests with their deep personal needs.

With the mainstream acceptance of yoga modalities, there has been an increased interest in other ancient systems such as astrology and tarot.

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As a former Red Door National Training Director, I was always on the lookout for unique ways to increase revenue and expand the guest experience. Ancient modalities like astrology and tarot can fill the gap with a fresh approach to personalized services.

While personalization is not a new concept, we often substitute ‘customization’ for ‘personalization’ in the spa setting. For example, guests are offered the choice between three essential oils or a choice between a massage oil vs. a cream. This customization is a lovely touch. Nevertheless, it leaves open an untapped potential that some spas are beginning to capitalize on.

Renowned resorts like Miraval and Mii Amo have had mindfulness options on their menus for some time. As astrology and tarot continue to become more mainstream, they are now beginning to show up on Day Spa menus and hotel programs and events.

Astrology and Tarot

With the mainstream acceptance of yoga modalities, there has been an increased interest in other ancient systems such as astrology and tarot. According to a February 2021 BBC article, “Why is Astrology so Popular? ‘google trend searches for astrology hit a five-year peak in 2020.’

Additionally, a 2018 Pew research study found that almost a third of Americans believe in astrology, and 43% embrace New Age beliefs like tarot and psychics. Women, ages 25-60, are the primary demographic and they are twice as likely as men to partake in spiritual readings. This growing market is expected to hit a $2.4B mark by 2024.

As life becomes more complex and people are accordingly more anxious and worried about the direction to take, they earnestly seek self-improvement strategies that provide greater insight into their life’s path and purpose. Astrology and tarot both offer consumers profound solutions personalized to their specific needs.

Astrology Services

In preparation for a session, an astrologer casts a natal or birth chart using the client’s birthday month, day, year, place (city, state/country), and time of birth. This information gives a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of birth, providing in-depth, personalized guidance far beyond the newspaper daily horoscope section.

One of my favorite astrologers describes the birth chart as a ‘map of the psyche’. This multilayered tool can be used to bring clarity to our personality traits, strengths, and areas of growth and support us with decisions in the present moment and bring awareness to past actions and life events.

It is ideal for guests who seek a greater understanding of their purpose to explore key areas of life such as relationships, career, finances, and love.

Tarot Sessions

A tarot reading uses a 78-card deck to help reveal deeply hidden subconscious patterns and insight on how to navigate our day-to-day life. Guests can bring a specific question to explore or ask the deck for guidance. Unlike astrology, there is no specific information required from the guest beforehand.

What are the pros and cons of offering astrology and tarot as a part of your spa’s revenue stream?


  • Readings can be done in a private space outside of a treatment room, for example, converting an under-utilized spa café area or covered outside the venue or a private nook, without cannibalizing the revenue of treatment rooms.
  • Readings can be done via a spa’s Zoom account. Spas can remain in charge of their guest list by sending links to the guest and practitioner.
  • Astrology and Tarot sessions lend themselves to ongoing series and return bookings as people continue to seek answers to different situations in life.
  • Astrology and tarot are perfect add-ons to fun group (online and/or live) gatherings and events that can, in turn, lead to individual bookings.



  • Lack of educational standards and regulations in these fields means the selection and contracting process for practitioners should be as rigorous as any other spa provider.
  • There is a lot of misinformation about the depth and positive potential of astrology and tarot. Movies and memes still project them as a form of fortune-telling tied to some evil element. These services, therefore, will require guest education through informational blogs, newsletters, or videos included in the regular guest marketing outreach.

The benefits of offering astrology and tarot sessions far outweigh the challenges. They promise both an increase in a spa’s revenue potential and an expanded guest wellness experience.

A recent tarot event at a 5-star luxury brand confirmed how many more people are now open to these ancient wisdoms. Not only were my appointment slots fully booked, but the guest profiles were very diverse.. I had a reading with a father and his teenage son, a retired corporate president and his wife, as well as a religious Mom and her daughter.

When spas embrace the true power of personalization, it will attract guests who desire confirmation of their uniqueness, a more profound clarity of their life’s path and tools for a greater peace of mind. Let’s expand the magic of wellness on our menus with astrology and tarot.