Personalized Wellness

Astrology and tarot services at the Spa

Year after year, organizations like the Global Wellness Institute share trends about the steady growing wellness movement. Twenty-twenty, however, was the pivotal moment that catapulted this conversation. With the pandemic, wellness instantly graduated from a movement to a must-have. Overnight, it became non-negotiable as people searched for services that catered to their reinvigorated commitment to health and wellbeing.

Spas have been one of the business sectors most impacted by COVID. Our high touch industry shut down at a time when the urgency for its services skyrocketed. As an industry, we seek socially safe offerings to support our guests with their deep personal needs.

With the mainstream acceptance of yoga modalities, there has been an increased interest in other ancient systems such as astrology and tarot.

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Monique Blake

Monique is a champion of vibrant living. For over 23 years, she has helped women confidently answer the poet Mary Oliver’s question, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” She loves to custom craft innovative education and programs to assist spas and their guests fully express their radiant health and wellBEing. Monique, formerly a Red Door National Director of Training, has 20 years of executive experience in the education, corporate and spa settings. She is also a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kepler College certified Astrologer and has professionally read the Tarot for 30 years. Her clients call her the ‘Oracle’.