Liver Detox and the Skin

Why it’s important and how to do it


When it comes to our skin, more specifically the quality and radiance of our skin, a lot has to do with how our organs and hormones are functioning. There is no illness or imbalance that is not directly or indirectly related to liver functioning.

Our liver is the hottest organ of our body. It is the master organ of our system and in Ayurveda, the natural healing science of India, we recognize this as the queen organ of our body. We say when the queen is happy, the kingdom flourishes! This means that when our liver is functioning optimally, our whole system is also in check and vice versa.

The health of our liver depends on the health of our gut and the health of our skin depends on the ability of the body to eliminate and assimilate nutrients optimally.

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Similarly, when we have plenty of hydration in our system and an alkaline state the liver and the skin thrive. As the largest organ of our body, oftentimes the condition of our skin is a great marker to our overall health. One of the best indicators of sound liver functioning is our ability to eliminate and assimilate readily. Having a regular, daily bowel movement is essential to sound liver functioning. This in turn leads to good digestion and assimilation of nutrients that help our skin glow from the inside out.

There are so many wonderful protocols for daily beauty regimens that support healthy, vibrant skin. Starting with understanding the essential inner harmony of well-being seated in optimal liver functioning. How do we get a happy liver? The most important aspect of this is to live a healthy balanced lifestyle with plenty of exercises and good nutrition.

Detoxing and cleansing our liver seasonally helps reset not only our liver but our brain and body. Living with the seasons of nature also helps us understand the importance of having strong gut bacteria that again helps with the absorption of nutrients and elimination of impurities from our diet and lifestyle. When we eat seasonally and detox our liver the good bacteria we need moves into our gut and switches lace with the bacteria from the past season. It is absolutely essential to eat seasonally in order to fortify our gut microbiome. Having strong digestion and a reset liver helps the body move into a heightened state and this results in luminous, radiant skin.

The direct correlation of our skin and the state of our liver is interdependent on our lifestyle and lifestyle habits. Detoxing the liver seasonally also helps us adopt healthier choices in our day-to-day lives. For the skin to really glow and look clear, have good elasticity, a balanced moisture barrier, and be free from being too dry or too oily, we need to feed our body with the right diet and take the necessary beauty protocols to maintain its health.

There are so many wonderful non-invasive spa and facial practices that can enhance the quality of our skin. Using modern-day beauty interventions like PRP, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, cryo, hydro facials, and more we can optimize the quality of our skin. These spa and facial treatments can become enhanced when we can empower and educate our clients about the holistic nature and importance of skin health. To live with the seasons, to eat seasonally, to practice seasonal cleansing especially of our liver, and to drink plenty of water are a few key ingredients to achieving beautiful lasting, healthy, vibrant skin.

In order to detox the liver in an effective way, we must get rid of certain habits and vices for at least a couple of weeks every seasonal change. Getting rid of acidity in the system and alkalizing our blood is a key component of helping the liver and body reset and regenerate. Refraining from meat, wheat, dairy, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and other acidic ingredients to our system helps the skin clear up and glow. There is also a liberating and calming element that also helps the skin when we cut habits and vices for a while making us feel lighter and brighter as we move into great homeostasis.

The health of our liver depends on the health of our gut and the health of our skin depends on the ability of the body to eliminate and assimilate nutrients optimally. When the liver functions well, the rest of our organs also function well while hormones and dopamine levels in the system also work optimally to help accelerate skin health and glow.

Falling into the practice of seasonal liver detoxing as we optimize body-mind functioning is a guaranteed enhancement of our skin radiance and quality thereby accelerating the demand for our facial and beauty services that can heighten our inner and outer glow.