Lash and Brow Guide



From Lash Artist to Lash Educator.

From Lash Artist
to Lash Educator

Master the technique and go from student to teacher

The Art of Brow Mapping

Building framework for shaping and creating the perfect brows

Master the technique and go from student to teacher


There is nothing better than seeing your clients react to stunning lash results. They leave your salon feeling confident and beautiful, two things you strive for as a lash artist. After a while of perfecting your technique, you may want to shift your career, helping aspiring lash artists gain the skills they need to pass on the gift of beautiful lashes.

The transition from lash artist to lash educator makes sense, though many are left unsure of how to get it off the ground. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, with tips and tricks to get you started, plus a look at some benefits you may not have considered.

Teaching requires a plan and materials. Students want a course that will pre- pare them for their first client.

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First Things First – Get Certified

Being certified not only makes you more official, but means  you could possibly accredit others when they become certified. There are tons of certifications out there, so start by looking up some requirements in your state. Go back to your lash tech cert and inquire about whether they have a certification course for educators, or if there is one they recommend.


Expand Your Horizons

As an educator, you should always be anxious to learn. There are so many talented lash artists with different techniques, who you can gain inspiration from. Invest time in branching out and learn as much as you can about:


  • products
  • techniques
  • teaching
  • marketing and advertising


Getting Aspiring Lash Artists to Come to You

With a service that’s in high demand (like lashes!), the market is full of aspiring artists. Though they’re out there, the question is, how can you get them to come to you? If you’re new to the game, there are two things you should focus on more than anything: materials and marketing.



Teaching requires a plan and materials. Students want a course that will prepare them for their first client, looking for certified trainers with a track record of successful students. Don’t panic if you’re not there yet; everyone has to start somewhere! Start off with the basics and invest in quality materials over quantity.

Pro Tip: Collaborate with a designer to create a unique brand. A solid brand will come in handy for printing business cards and brochures, two things that can improve your image and attract business.



In the days of social media, marketing yourself is actually pretty easy. If you have a following from your lash business as an artist, use that to your advantage. Create eye-catching posts that get likes and shares, and try running a promotion for your first group of lash enthusiasts to get your foot in the door.

Pro Tip: Never underestimate the power of old-school marketing. Get out there and make connections, plan events with local beauty entrepreneurs, and bring business cards wherever you go.


Give Them a Preview

When creating your online content, add a few videos to drive traffic your way. Creativity will put you on the map and showcase your skills and shareable knowledge. Try to post regularly and think outside the box when creating content to help you stand out.


Get Organized

Training a class of new lash artists can be challenging, especially when you’re not organized. Work on your setup and keep your space and your schedule organized. This is where planning out your course comes in, checking that all the materials are handy that your students will need to be successful.


Be Positive

Getting things up and running can seem like a challenge, and it may take what seems like forever until your first class. Instead of getting down, stay positive and use the time to perfect your skills. Once you start training, reflect on your actions, and find ways to improve and tweak your methods. No one is perfect – so don’t be afraid to mess up and learn from it!

If you’ve rocked it as a lash artist, you’ll be fantastic as a lash educator. To score extra practice before you start training others, offer to mentor rookie lash artists to get a feel for what teaching will be like. It will make you more confident and help you through your journey of planning a course for those aspiring to become lash artists.