Intra-oral Buccal Massage

The magic of skillful touch


The skincare industry has been buzzing ever since Meghan Markle revealed that one of her best kept beauty secrets is intra-oral buccal massage. The technique has swept like wildfire across beauty professionals around the globe.

We all know massaging the face is incredibly beneficial in regards to long term anti-aging. But massaging inside the face? This can be a much more elevated experience and can create immedi- ately noticeable results. The other bonus? It’s a non-invasive treatment, with no high overhead, no down time, no needles, no lasers and no fancy machines required. Just the magic of skillful touch.

Intraoral Buccal Massage is a treatment in which a specially trained esthetician (or massage therapist) uses gloves to enter the mouth and massages the in- ternal workings of the jaw. This includes the lateral pterygoids, the buccinator, the buccal fat pads, and most impor- tantly, the masseter. The benefits of this specialized massage are endless.

This draining of lymph de-puffs the face, resulting in a slimmed and angular jawline, and a natural cheekbone contour.

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The massaging of the masseter aids in releasing muscular tension in the jaw which can accumulate from stress, clenching, teeth grinding, or simple overuse. It also provides much relief for those suffering from chronic jaw pain or TMJ (and tension headaches related to such) as clenching and grinding seem- ingly dissipate afterwards. Clients often report a restful night of sleep after only one session, as the massage not only relieves the muscular tension, but also encourages relaxation of the parasym- pathetic system, thus alleviating stress to the nervous system.

The release of tension in the masse- ter creates a clear pathway for lymph to flow through the muscles and down the neck, without any restriction of muscle tension hindering the flow. This draining of lymph de-puffs the face, resulting in a slimmed and angular jawline, and a natural cheekbone contour.

Also important is the effect on the rest of the body. Studies have shown the jaw to be physiologically connected to the pelvis, via the fascia and central vagus nerve. So, intra-oral massage per- formed on the face proves beneficial not only for esthetic & beauty reasons, but also for reducing muscular tension and imbalances in the hips.

During an intra-oral massage, the buccinator muscle and buccal fat pads are also massaged in the process. This naturally pronounces the hollows of the cheeks as it helps to release and move any excess (lymph) fluid or toxins stored in the soft tissue of the cheeks. Moving these stagnant fluids is incred- ibly beneficial for the skin, too, as it affects the underlying layers. This can assist in better product penetration and

improve recurring (inflammatory) skin conditions caused by accumulations of stagnant lymph (ie, acne).

With hands inside the mouth, a skilled professional will also target the lateral pterygoids. This is a muscle that attaches to the sphenoid bone – a but- terfly shaped bone located inside the skull. This bone oscillates in miniature movements, opening and closing al- most like it is breathing. The massaging of this attachment aids and improves the postural alignment of the face, cre- ating a sense of balance and openness within the facial structure.

Finally, the surrounding muscles of the mouth like the depressors, leva- tors, orbicularis oris, risorius, etc. are also massaged, lifting the mouth to a natural resting smiling position as the muscles become more toned.

It’s easy to become hooked on intra- oral buccal massage – and understand- ably so! What’s incredible about this treatment is that results become long lasting with repetitive sessions. The more one receives these treatments, the better the results. A series of weekly treatments is suggested until desired results are achieved. This can range anywhere from 6-24 weekly sessions, depending on a client’s age, skin type, and lifestyle. Once a weekly series is

completed, it is suggested that a cli- ent follow up with monthly sessions to maintain results.

The repeated, consistent sessions result in the utmost natural enhance- ment of the musculoskeletal facial struc- ture. The goal is to create firmer and healthier skin resulting in a slimmed face, angular jawline, contoured cheek- bones and resting smile – all natural enhancements to one’s natural beauty within.

Curious to learn more about this specialized massage technique? Mo Trezise offers massage trainings for pro- fessionals at her spa, Heal Thy Goddess, located in San Diego, California.