Immune-Boosting Therapies

Keep your clients healthy year-round with these spa services


These days, more people are focusing on their mental and physical health. A big part of that is boosting immunity, making sure the body is in good shape inside and out to ward off illness and pain. A spa is a perfect place to find immune-boosting therapies, combining them with some of your start services to provide health, wellness, and natural beauty. If you’re considering adding them to your list of services, here are some of the most sought-after immune-boosting therapies that clients are raving over.

Top-Requested Immune Boosting Therapies of 2022

People are taking better care of themselves, watching what they eat, exercising, and focusing on their mental health. Along with at-home practices, they are turning to spas for specialized services that boost their immunity and make them glow from head to toe. To add some trending services to your list, here are some of 2022’s most requested treatments.

Steams are great for the respiratory system, helping it open up and relieving congestion.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A massage is a great service that relaxes tight, tense muscles. It works wonders for stress but also has other health benefits, some of which boost immunity. A specialized massage like lymphatic draining is a great immune booster, helping to drain fluids and toxins from the lymph nodes. This type of massage can leave your clients feeling rested and help them improve their mental health and immunity all in one go.


Reflexology focuses on pressure points throughout the body. When pressed or massaged, these points can relax nerves and muscles and melt away stress. Immune boosting reflexology massages not only apply pressure to certain points but also stretch out the body so that it can relax and rest, able to better fight off whatever comes its way.

Salt Scrubs

Salt is an ancient remedy used to fight disease. In a spa setting, salt has a lot of potential, able to sluff off dead skin and boost the body’s defense system. Add a salt scrub to your list of immune-boosting therapies, covering your clients’ bodies in salts that keep harmful bacteria and viruses at bay. This treatment comes with more than one benefit, also scrubbing off dead skin and leaving smooth, silky, skin with a healthy glow.

Herb and Oil Steam

Steams are great for the respiratory system, helping it open up and relieving congestion. Add in some natural herbs and oils, and you’ve got an immune therapy that’s relaxing and powerful. Allow your clients to bathe in a warm room filled with steam scented with their favorite essential oils or set up their sauna with oils they love. They’ll feel energized, healthy, and breathe easier with one of your famous steams.

Encouraging Scheduled Visits

When it comes to keeping healthy, routine is key. Your clients likely get a good amount of sleep, keep track of the foods they eat, and exercise regularly. Encourage them to also add spa treatments to their list, penciling in some immune-boosting therapies at least once a month. To add incentive and make your services more available, here are some ways that you can promote your immune-boosting abilities.


Promotions are a great way to get clients on board with services. Offer a free service when they purchase a package, a free treatment after their 4th visit, or even a gift of their favorite products.


A spa should be a place to leave feeling healthy and beautiful. Offer your clients the opportunity to leave feeling like a goddess each time with access to immunity and beauty all in one. Add in a nail service with a draining massage or a facial after relaxing steam. Combine them all together for an ultimate spa day that will leave them healthy and feeling fantastic.

A Regime

Your clients trust you for several reasons, one of which is your ability to make them feel relaxed. Providing them with a recommended regime both at home and in the spa is a great way to encourage scheduled visits and let them know about other services you offer. Have a consultation with all new and existing clients, finding out their goals in coming to see you. Then, use that to provide your best services to achieve their goals, giving them what they want and need.

Boost Immunity, Boost Clients

Help your clients feel better and live healthier by offering immune-boosting therapies along with your spa services. You’ll boost their immunity and have clients lined up to see you, making your spa a part of their new healthy routine.