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The Transformative Power of Red Light Therapy 


While May 1 marks the beginning of Women’s Health Awareness Month, I always like to emphasize that, as women, prioritizing our mental and physical health and well-being should be a task that we make time for 365 days a year. I know better than anyone how bad health can drastically decimate your quality of life.  

By December 2018, my life had hit rock bottom. Facing a double hip replacement and struggling due to complications from arthritis and obesity, I knew if I didn’t take my health into my own hands, I would not live much longer. After rigorously seeking answers, I came across Red Light Whole Body Therapy. The idea that something as simple as light could reverse my health’s downward spiral and counteract years of neglect seemed both unimaginable and improbable. Yet, this is the reality I faced. Within just two weeks of around six sessions, the transformation was truly undeniable. My pain subdued, I could move ache-free, and for the first time in years, I could sleep on my side without debilitating hip pain. Pair that with a decrease in appetite and an increase in energy, and I felt like a brand-new person.  

Red Light Therapy’s ability to refine pore appearance and minimize fine lines ensures that your clients’ skin reflects their inner health and vitality.

I know you’re probably still wondering: so, what exactly is Red Light Therapy (RLT)? What does it do and, more importantly, how does it work?  

RLT stands at the forefront of the philosophy that crafted the pillars of my business: belief and dedication to beauty through science. This revolutionary treatment improves skin texture, boosts tone, and enhances overall skin health without invasive procedures. RLT works by penetrating deep into the skin’s layers to stimulate collagen production, essential for youthful and supple skin. From head to toe, there are benefits RLT. It promotes collagen production, aiding in anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. For acne, it reduces inflammation and can accelerate the healing of acne scars.  

RLT has a treasure trove of benefits. It enhances skin health, accelerates wound healing, diminishes inflammation and pain, and boosts muscle recovery. Furthermore, it is gaining traction for its potential to tackle diverse conditions like depression, hair loss, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), making it a versatile tool in your wellness arsenal.  


The therapy’s anti-inflammatory properties also make it an excellent treatment for reducing redness and swelling associated with acne and other skin conditions. Moreover, RLT’s ability to refine pore appearance and minimize fine lines ensures that your clients’ skin reflects their inner health and vitality.  

Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

  • Enhances collagen production and skin tone  
  • Helps muscle recovery 
  • Provides pain relief 
  • Reduces inflammation and redness 
  • Increases and encourages circulation 
  • Supports lymphatic drainage and detoxification 
  • Reduces scarring 
  • Minimizes pore size and fine lines 
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