Hooded Eyes

5 ways to Lift Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes, medically known as ptosis, can be described as saggy and/or excessive skin that removes the appearance of an upper eyelid crease. Typically, a benign diagnosis can have an impact on your daily life whether in vision disruptions or in always having a tired or aged appearance. Hooded eyes are typically congenital, meaning they can be a familial trait, or they are a sign of aging. There is a secondary diagnosis of ptosis that can cause drooping of the eyelid whether from a more serious medical condition, side effects of certain treatments or medication, or aging. In this article, we are going to focus more on treatments for reducing the appearance of hooded eyes which would work for ptosis too.

Treatments can range from surgical to injectables to esthetic measures. The most important part to remember is to research thoroughly the risks and benefits of the treatment you want as well as the provider. Seeing before and after photos as well as having a thorough consultation is crucial to determining if the provider or treatment is right for you.


Using different styles of makeup applications can add a lifted appearance to the eyes. By using lighter colors in the creases, cutting down on shimmers, and using one’s eyebrow shape to lift the eye area. The drawback to this is that makeup is a “unicorn” for some, it only works for mild cases, and some do not wear makeup.

“Botox is a non-invasive way to lift the eyelid by relaxing the muscles around the eye that then gives a raised appearance to the eyelid.”


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Kara McLucas-Mark

Kara McLucas-Mark is a licensed esthetician with a medical focus. She has worked with multiple modalities including non-ablative lasers, microcurrent, ultrasound skin tightening, and radiofrequency machines. She lives with her husband and two dogs outside of Annapolis, MD. She loves learning about new skin developments, her LED light, and jade roller!