Makeup Personality

Identifying the archetypes of beauty

by Amy Mallon
Every woman has access to a secret weapon that hides her imperfections, enhances her beauty and boosts her self-confidence. In some cases, this weapon can even transform and renew her spirit, making her feel like a superhero. That secret weapon is cosmetics. Why is this exciting for the spa industry? Because makeup in a spa business unlocks the key to controlling this secret weapon and serves as an excellent revenue booster.

You might be saying to yourself, “But I don’t do makeup, I’m a spa professional.” Well, let’s talk facts. The majority of women wear cosmetics, as they make us feel better and empowered. Even the most “natural” and non-makeup savvy woman leaves the house with a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss.

The need for the type of empowerment makeup provides particularly applies to women who like to participate in spa-like rituals. Think about it — the first thing a client does when leaving a facial treatment is fix their hair, after which they go to their car and apply makeup. Sadly, the makeup they apply is not always up to the skin care standards they care so much about, and in fact is often filled with chemicals and ingredients that could be detrimental to their skin. Retailing cosmetics is uncomfortable for many spa professionals, as it can make them feel “pushy” or too “salesy.” The key to comfortable retailing is to know your clients and educate them on what’s best for their skin and skin care regimen. If your client isn’t purchasing cosmetics from you, they’re buying them somewhere else, most likely a department, drug or convenience store. You can enhance your retail strategy by knowing what type of cosmetic consumer you are encountering. The best way to be prepared is with a better understanding of your client’s “makeup personality,” and tailoring your approach to that personality.

The No-Makeup Client

This woman is a very common spa client. She comes in regularly for treatments but doesn’t know how to use makeup, and possibly doesn’t even feel comfortable adding color to her skin. This gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss the benefits of a health-oriented pharmaceutical grade makeup line versus the traditional cosmetics they might be used to. Treat this client to a complimentary one-on-one makeup application training or class, and stick to the basics — light base, brows, lashes and lips.

The Wallet Conscious Client

This client may have initially come to you to cash in on a Groupon or other special offer. She wants to feel pampered, but she also wants a good deal! It’s important to start slow for the price-conscious client. Emphasize the key benefits and value of each product. Multi-tasking products are her favorite, so suggest a concealer that also serves as an eye base, a three-in-one lip product, or a primer and mascara in one. Inform her about the cost per use — she will love this!

The Shopaholic Client

This client already has a ton of products, possibly a full room of them at home! Your job here is really twofold. First, establish yourself as the expert and explain why the products you sell are better than anything else she has in her beauty closet. Next, fill in the gaps. Maybe she’s finishing a foundation but needs a great concealer to accompany it. Or maybe she’s missing the perfect eyeliner? Once you have established yourself as an expert, this client is easy to convert to a new product line.

The Adventurous, Experimental Client, aka “The Diva”

This client is a favorite among beauty professionals. She loves what’s hot, what’s new, what’s now! She wants to know the latest trends and any fresh tips and tricks you might have. She can quote the newest techniques from YouTube beauty gurus and knows which products are favored by the hottest stars. Let her know about any press mentions of the products you retail, as this will make an impression on the diva client. Give her the lowdown on how to create the hippest eye makeup and the lip color worn by her favorite celebrity! Your facility will soon become her beauty mecca, the place she comes to feel glamorous and she’ll be hooked as a regular purchaser

The Makeover Miracle Client

This client is easy to identify because she’s sporting the eyeshadows of yesteryear. She needs more hands-on assistance than your other clients. She has likely been misguided by another beauty professional or simply hasn’t changed her look in years — possibly decades. Be ready for the task of a complete makeover. It’s important to be delicate so as not to insult or offend her. Ask open-ended questions about the look she is going for and nail down a new image! Ask her if she prefers a look that is more natural, glamorous, classic or fun. Take the opportunity to show her new techniques and tools to assist in creating it.

For each type of makeup client you encounter, establish yourself as their go-to beauty resource and your spa as the hub of their beauty experience. Keep before and after photos as a reminder of what the magic of spa and cosmetics can do. Revisit these images with every repeat client to help keep track of their progress. Whether your client wants to rock a glam goddess, naked faced beauty, classic queen, contour crazed, glowy strobed or vamp look, you hold the keys to give each and every one of them the complete package!

"Once you have established yourself as an expert, this client is easy to convert to a new product line"

Makeup Retail Tips

  • Provide a discount on products to staff members to ensure they use and love what they are selling.
  • Offer a color match for foundation following every service.
  • Hold periodic makeup classes and events with an educational theme. Charge a fee for attendance and allow clients to use the entrance fee toward the purchase of cosmetics.
  • Display quick touch up products like lip color, CC cream and mascara at the point of purchase. The more products you present to a client, the more likely they are to buy something.

Keys to Makeup Consultation

It’s important to attend trainings to hone in on your makeup skills in order to feel comfortable working on clients.

Get your hands on anyone you can — sisters, moms, friends… Every face is different and the best way to learn is by doing.

Start the client consultation with a brief chat with the client to establish a positive rapport. Have the client show you photos of what she wants to see in order to establish expectations.

Before you complete the full look, check in with the client to see if they want any editing done to their look, with blending, lightening, darkening and so forth.

Don’t let the client leave your spa with a product they don’t know how to use. Train them on any techniques that make the application process easier.