Glow Getter

Restoring skin radiance


Getting back skin’s “glow” can become a frustrating obsession. One of the most common things people come to my clinic to correct is super dry skin and the lines and wrinkles that go with it. The amount of money spent each year on this skin concern alone is staggering. The search for “the perfect moisturizer” leads so many people to a never-ending revolving door of trial and error to regain that healthy, youthful look. Unfortunately, this often leads to trial and error, creating bathroom drawers of (expensive!) half-empty bottles, pots, and jars that promise great things, only to disappoint, and the search continues. For this common skin challenge, I will outline the approach I have effectively used in my clinic for years.

To effectively restore a healthy glow to the skin, you must first understand the contributing factors, as well as the misguided tactics that have been learned over the years. Adopting a different, more targeted approach delivers results that treat the cause, not just the symptoms, of dry skin.

To effectively restore a healthy glow to the skin, you must first understand the contributing factors.

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MYTH: Use rich body butters to treat super dry skin.

FACT:  This merely lubricates the “symptom” – it does nothing to address the cause of this condition. Most people “over-moisturize” and “under-exfoliate” the skin, however, heavy moisturizers and nut butter simply lubricate dead, dry, dull layers of surface skin. No correction is achieved – only temporary relief.

FACT: Water intake and hydration is very important: The layers of the skin are like soil in a garden. If all the different layers of soil are hydrated with water and nurtured with food and sun, flowers will grow properly. If undernourished, the foundation is not hydrated correctly and dehydration sets in. All the layers are affected, and the visible effects are mostly seen on the surface. Skin dehydration starts with the organs and filters to the lower levels of the skin and then to the epidermis last. Surface dryness is more of a sub-condition that affects the outermost layer of skin, usually the byproduct of using the wrong products, especially cleansers. 

My Holistic Approach

Double down on skin cleansing and detoxification (the most important step to treat this condition!) by double cleansing. This will unclog congested pores to help the skin “breathe” again. Removing surface build-up and grime that prevents vital nutrients and essential fatty acids from penetrating the skin is essential. 

Power Tools

Consider adding a “power tool” to accelerate the results! I use My Skin Buddy in my clinic and its positive ionic charge takes my double cleanse system to a whole new level.  The combination of red LED light therapy and ultrasonic vibrations adds a powerful dimension to this vital detox process, and the negative charge will deeply infuse moisture and active serums into the skin for optimal nourishment while stimulating collagen production. You will immediately notice how plump and radiant skin looks and feels after the first treatment and achieve long-lasting results with continued use (it’s worth is weight in gold – trust me!).

Hydrate, Nourish, and Replenish  

Seaweed and algae are mineral rich, nutrient dense “sea botanicals” that are incredibly hydrating and replenishing to support the skin. Loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, seaweed is a heavy hitter when it comes to healthy ingredients in skincare. Think about it: how many times have you been to the beach and your skin cleared up? Seaweed is nature’s skin purifier. Research conducted at Ohio State University and the University of South Carolina support the belief that brown algae polyphenols harvested from Laminaria provide strong anti-carcinogenic properties and help to strengthen the thyroid gland. With women’s hormones in chaos these days, seaweed is a “must have” in your treatment room and home care for
your clients.