Facial Cupping

Does this trending tool really work?


As skin care professionals, you may have noticed that recently, Facial Cupping has grown in popularity within the mainstream beauty world. More and more beauty and bodywork therapists have started to incorporate it into the treatments they offer as the demand for natural, yet powerful facial treatments have reached a fever pitch.

Even though Facial Cupping may sound new, it’s actually rooted in ancient healing tradition, often featured within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping was originally used on the body to alleviate pain and treat many health conditions. It’s even said to be the oldest healing method used to fight illness.

Thousands of years later, it’s still being used. Why? Because it’s working. If it wasn’t, it would’ve long been forgotten.

When you practice Facial Cupping, you indirectly help move stagnant energy that causes skin imbalances.

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So, What are the Main Benefits of Facial Cupping?

1. It encourages lymphatic and energy flow that makes you glow

2. It releases tension and relaxes fa- cial muscles

3. It smooths and tones the skin

However, this isn’t all. Not only does it relax the tension we have on our faces, but it also improves physical imbal- ances that show, and it helps release stuck emotions.

From a Chinese Medicine perspec- tive: all of our organs manifest on the face.

• Dark circles under the eyes = poten- tial imbalance in the kidneys.

• Pimples on your chin = potential hor- monal imbalances.

• Dryness on your cheeks = potential digestive issues.

When you practice Facial Cupping, you indirectly help move stagnant en- ergy that causes skin imbalances. Facial Cupping can really help tackle the root of any skin issue you might have.

How does Facial Cupping Work?

When you squeeze your Facial Cup on an area of your face, it creates a suction that pulls blood towards the surface of the skin, underneath the cup. As a result, this fills the surrounding tis- sue with fresh blood and encourages new blood vessel formation. In other words, it increases blood circulation to your face.

The suction also creates a con- trolled mini trauma to the skin (just like micro needling and the use of a derma roller would). This sets off the

natural healing process and it sends more oxygenated blood to the area, stimulating collagen and fibroblasts, and encouraging skin cell reproduction.

Furthermore, Facial Cupping works the muscles of the face. Our face is made up of 43 muscles – yet we tend to neglect these, in favor of stimulating and strengthening the muscles of our body. Facial Cupping is akin to a facial massage, or what I like to call ‘a work- out for the face’. It relaxes your muscles and, after a home Facial Cupping ses- sion, this will show through.Over time, it’ll help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will bring a natu- ral brightness to your skin.

Does it cause any bruising?

Many patients worry about the poten- tial for bruising with Facial Cupping. The idea of leaving a visible mark on a patient can also be stressful for the practitioner. With the right technique and pressure, Facial Cupping should not cause any bruising. Using facial cups made from flexible, light, BPA-free silicone can help control the intensity of the suction, and reduce the presence of any cupping marks.

When we practice Facial Cupping, even though blood is brought to the surface, the cup is not left static long enough to cause any cupping mark. However, there’s often a light‘redness’

skin Facial Cupping following a facial cupping session that’s

associated with an increased amount of blood in a local area. This is a beneficial response of the body to help get more oxygen and nutrients to the facial cup- ping site. So don’t panic! It’ll fade away within a few seconds to a few hours and your face will be left glowing!

How do I get started if I want to start offering Facial Cupping to my clients?

Whether you’re a beauty therapist, reflexologist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or hold any other qualifica- tions in the beauty of the bodywork world, you’re definitely a good candi- date. Make sure you practice at least ten sessions on yourself and on any member of your family or friends be- fore you start taking on paying clients. After that, you’ll be ready to see a new type of client walk into your salon!

For more information, visit my facial cupping for professionals course page and follow me on Instagram.