Face Yoga

Facial excercises for a more youthful face

Face yoga is a quickly rising techniquethat exercises facial muscles and no, it’snot the same as face massage. WithFace Yoga, the key is in creating resistanceand the opposite resistancewith the facial muscles and our hands.The technique works directly with themuscles, while with facial massage, themuscle is not actively working. This iswhy Face Yoga helps to release tensionin the muscles, strengthens and tonesthe muscles, and lifts them up – creatinga lifted, toned face.


The fact is that we have more than 50muscles including the neck, face, andskull. These muscles are closely interconnected.Due to gravitation, agingprocess, and lack of use, they soonstart to sag and lose volume. The skinbeing attached to the facial musclesfollows the muscles and starts saggingand wrinkling too.

Face exercises improve blood circulation all the way to the deepest skin layers enhancing collagen and elastin production.

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Karin Velikonja

The founder of Glowinface Karin Velikonja has been teaching Face Yoga all over the world since 2014. She held classes in the USA, Belgium, UK, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Dubai, and Bali to more than 1000 participants. She fluently speaks English, Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian. In 2018 she created an online version of her signature 5-week face workout program and started offering individual online sessions worldwide. Glowinface is now offering online Face Yoga instructor training starting on February 21th 2021. Professionals and spa therapists can learn how to do and teach face yoga to their clients and which exercises can be implemented in treatment. You can learn more here at www.glowinface.com/license.