Esthetician Spotlight May

Janine Devanney,
Nine to Nourish by Janine


I grew up learning about the importance of self-care at a very young age. Upon receiving my certification, I spent the majority of my career working for traditional spas and dermatology practices, providing treatments, offering consulting services, creating spa menus, training staff and product selection. I battled my fair share of health issues as a young adult that left me entirely broken down both physically and mentally. After a partial lobectomy and over a dozen hospitalizations I knew this would forever change my life and shape my career. Looking back, this was a major transformation in my life. After a lot of contemplation and reflection, I felt a stronger pull to mix my experience of skincare and wellness to create an entirely new esthetic experience. Giving a facial was much more about identifying what makes an entire person “whole.”

I didn’t relate to the mainstream practice of what skincare trends were popular at this time. My studio, or enchanting haven as I like to call it, was born in December of 2022.

My journey began by working as a salon manager and then at a spa, where I gained valuable hands-on experience and learned from seasoned professionals in the industry. After years of refining my craft and developing a deep understanding of skin conditions, I took a leap of faith and ventured out on my own. While scary at first, I was confident that my background in business management and my technical skills as an esthetician would lead to my success. I recently hired my first employee to expand The Skin Artisté and I’m so excited for what the future holds!

I always had a passion for the art of beauty and connecting with different parts of my community. I had prior experience in healing professions and joining the two of them was my dream that I manifested into reality.

What inspired you to become an esthetician? 

I always had a passion for the art of beauty and connecting with different parts of my community. I had prior experience in healing professions and joining the two of them was my dream that I manifested into reality. This allows me to combine my love for skincare and wellness and use it as a means to positively impact people’s lives. Working closely with women experiencing chemo, those recovering from addiction, and providing aromatherapy treatments to hospice patients are a few examples of human connection that keeps me inspired and motivated every day.  

What beauty philosophy do you stand by? 

I believe that beauty philosophies can evolve and change as we grow and experience different phases of life. For me, the skin serves as a window into our inner world, reflecting what is happening inside. Whether it’s the result of a healthy lifestyle, emotional well-being, or self-care practices, nurturing our inner selves ultimately reflects our outer beauty.  

What is your favorite treatment? 

This is a complex question because there are so many that I love! It’s a tie between Cell Story Liquid Microneedling and my signature Celestial Journey Facial. The results after just one cell story treatment are astounding. It leaves you glowy, hydrated and addresses many factors of the aging process. The Celestial Journey is a two-hour treatment customized to the element of your zodiac sign. We complete the service with creating a manifestation jar that you get to bring home with you. My clients love it as it offers so much in terms of skin health and overall well-being.  

What brands do you use and why? 

I carry three prominent brands in the studio: Image Skincare, Farmhouse Fresh and Wildernorth Botanicals. I have worked with Image since the start of my career and they are consistently reinventing skincare. Their peel line offers the best results with little downtime. Farmhouse Fresh has high quality ingredients blended with organically grown herbs that come from their very own farm. Not to mention what they do for animals is truly amazing. Wildernorth Botanicals is an artisanal and medicinal small batch line that is pure heaven! The plant extracts found in this line work in harmony with the natural process of our body functions. A bulk of their ingredients are sustainably harvested on their own land. Tese three lines combined helps me address a large range of different skin types, conditions, and lifestyle preferences of each client.  

What is your secret to beautiful skin? 

The secret to your skin’s vibrancy and resilience depends on much more than just external factors. First, build a supportive skincare routine based on your own personal needs. The most important steps should include cleansing, exfoliating, hydration and sun protection. Cultivate a healthy diet and sleep routine. Pay attention to your gut health. Don’t talk negatively to yourself. Most importantly, don’t hold on to trauma or negative emotions. This can directly affect wrinkle formation and muscle tension, which in turn can dramatically affect facial expression and induce inflammatory skin conditions. Chronic stress can speed up the aging process. Learn to pay attention to your breathing and make time for the things that make you feel good in your life.  

What are your favorite tools to use in the treatment room and why? 

Nothing compares to a microdermabrasion wand. It’s a classic modality that offers the ultimate brightening and repolishing of the skin. It’s pretty universal and almost anyone can receive one. My other favorites are facial reflexology tools and gua sha. For the ultimate lifting and proper detoxification of the lymphatic system.  

What is your favorite part about working for your company? 

I always imagined what it would feel like one day to walk into a space that I created. The gift of freedom to tailor every aspect from the ambience, to products, to the services offered. Overall, having the ability to share my vision while making a positive impact on my clients’ lives is something I will always be grateful for.  

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