Esthetician Spotlight

Tara Kurowski, The Blue Room Face & Body


What is your business called and where are you located?

I am the owner of The Blue Room Face & Body in Austin, Texas!

Can you give a little information about your background as an esthetician?

I have been a licensed esthetician for almost four years now! Aside from my own practice, I train estheticians through Patreon with a digital textbook I created. I am also on the education team for Skin Script Rx, where I travel around to schools to educate on products and ingredients.

What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I always felt like I would be best suited for a career that cares for or provides a service to people. I really like taking care of others, especially making them feel more beautiful. I became really interested in skincare when I suddenly found myself with a full face of adult acne, and then I realized skincare was something I could actually go to school for!

I always felt like I would be best suited for a career that cares for or provides a service to people. I really like taking care of others, especially making them feel more beautiful.

What beauty philosophy do you stand by?

We’re all so used to seeing edited, filtered, curated content. No one really knows what a real face or body looks like anymore. I think I have the unique opportunity as someone who sees skin every day to educate and empower my clients to love and accept the realness of the skin and body they’re in. So, my philosophy would be that healthy skin is the goal and realness is beautiful. There’s no such thing as perfection, you’ll just waste your life comparing and tearing yourself apart.

What is your favorite treatment?

My favorite treatment that I offer is definitely the Anti-Aging Facial because it includes everything you could ever want! Dermaplane to remove vellus hair and dead skin, Enzyme Exfoliation to soften and brighten, Oxygen Infusion, mask with Cold Therapy, and Red Light Therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin. Plus “Notox,” which is an Argireline-based treatment that works on expression lines, wrinkles, and just totally snatches the face, as well as Nanochanneling, which helps serums penetrate 97 percent deeper!

What brands do you use and why?

My #1 is Skin Script Rx. I could go on and on about why they are just the most amazing brand. Aside from giving you all of the tools needed to succeed in your business, their products are incredible. It’s really important to me to make good skincare accessible to everyone, so their affordable pricing for a professional brand really aligns with me. I personally cleared my own acne with the line, which makes me feel so much more confident treating clients. Their chirally correct formulations are top tier in every product. I also use Tizo Skin for SPF. Sun protection is so important and clients are way more likely to use a product they love! The tinted SPF from Tizo is such a dream.

What is your secret to beautiful skin?

First, consistency is key. It takes time to see change in the skin. Second, progressive not aggressive! Keeping the skin barrier healthy is the secret to beautiful skin for sure. There needs to be a balance of strong professional treatments and ingredients while also giving your skin proper time to heal and regenerate.

What are your favorite tools to use in the treatment room and why?

Dermaplaning is fantastic for that immediate glow and smoothness! The satisfaction of seeing the instant results it offers can be incredibly rewarding for both me and my client. It’s great for exfoliation and removing dead skin cells, as well as the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz), leaving the skin feeling super soft and looking radiant. Clients love the immediate effect, as it can make their skin feel smoother and look brighter almost instantly. Plus, it enhances the absorption of skincare products, making subsequent treatments or product application more effective.

What is your favorite part about working for your company?

Working for yourself offers a wonderful sense of autonomy and flexibility. You have the freedom to set your own schedule, choose your clients, and tailor your services to align with your vision and values. The ability to make decisions independently and steer your business in the direction you desire can be incredibly rewarding. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment when you see your efforts directly contributing to the success of your own venture is truly fulfilling.

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