Esthetician Spotlight

With Nasha Pisano founder of Moona Luna Skincare Studio


Where are you located?

I am located in Miami Beach, inside Sola Studios.

Can you give a little information about your background as a solo esthetician?

I have been an esthetician for 16 years and have had the opportunity to work for many amazing companies. Recently I decided to branch out on my own to create my own protocols with more of an all-around healing experience, where the guest feels relaxed and rejuvenated.

What inspired you to become an esthetician?

My own skin journey inspired me. I battled with cystic acne since I was a young teen until adulthood. I endured a lot of painful procedures as well as strong medication that did not help. So finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and learned that it is more about using the right products as well as making some internal adjustments.

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What inspired you to open your own studio?

I wanted to offer my clients a more customized experience and take my time with each one. Also, love the fact that I can have a better life balance and get to dress how I want and express my own creativity.

What sets apart Moona Luna from other skin studios?

Genuine care for the person and their skin goals. I am constantly doing research for the best natural products to offer, that will make a difference in their skin without causing internal harm with toxic chemicals. I want my clients to feel like I am their friend, and establish long-term relationships with them.

What skincare philosophy do you stand by?

Definitely, less is more. A good skincare routine is important but if you have an easy short routine you are more likely to be consistent and consistency is key.

What is your signature treatment?

The most popular is the micro-needling service named, New Skin New Me. Also, the Forever Young Facial that has lifting massage and microcurrent is a favorite of mine.

What brands do you use and why?

I use a variety of brands. I am always on the hunt since there are so many up-and-coming amazing clean lines, but currently, I am using Orgaid because I love that their ingredients are simple, clean and organic. I also use Formula Flawless because it is created by an amazing yogi chemist in Miami, and she sources the best oils and ingredients in the world. She also believes in giving each product good energy as it is being made.

What is your specialty? What is your favorite skin type to treat?

I would say my specialty is acne. It is also my favorite skin type because I know firsthand what they are going through and I am confident that my home-care recommendations will help them clear up their skin.

What are your favorite tools to use in the treatment room and why?

My favorite tools are the Gua Sha for lymphatic draining, Pure Lift micro-current for lifting and Zero Gravity Red LED Light device for stimulating collagen production.

Any tips for estheticians wanting to open up their own studio?

Yes! Make sure you stay true to yourself and do not compare yourself to how anyone else is doing it. No one can be you and your special touch is what makes you special.