Esthetician Spotlight

Alina Petre, Sana Skin Studio


What is your business called and where are you located?

Our business is called Sana Skin Studio. We offer a new kind of facial experience that aims to change people’s relationship with their skin and their products through personalized goal-driven facials, real guidance, and curated clean skincare. We currently have two locations. Our first studio is located in the heart of Wynwood, our second studio opened in December in Fort Lauderdale, and we are opening our third studio in Coconut Grove this Summer!

Can you give a little information about your background as an esthetician?

I have always found myself surrounded by beauty in various forms. When I was in school, I majored in art, then worked in fashion, and eventually found my way into esthetics. Throughout the years, I realized I wanted to work in a field where I can help make the world a more loving one. Helping others through healing and treating their skin conditions has given me a tremendous feeling of wholeness, community, and that we are making a difference on this planet.

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What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I was a spa enthusiast and very curious to learn the profession in more depth, to learn how to better care for myself. In beauty school I learned that this profession is as healing for me as it is for the guest I’m treating, and that is what continuously inspires me.

What beauty philosophy do you stand by?

Healthy skin comes from a healthy mind, soul, and body. I like to get to know my guest’s level of stress, anxiety and lifestyle, so I can help them with the proper guidance as far as supplements, skincare, and soul healing.

What is your favorite treatment? 

It’s hard to pick a favorite as they all are great for different reasons. I’m excited about the Express Facial to jumpstart a vacation glow up. I also love the Signature for monthly maintenance, where you can really see the progress month to month. The SuperGlow is amazing to lift and boost the skin’s radiance. The SuperDetox is fun for me because I get to treat and balance congested skin. One of my favorite things about Sana is that with any of the treatments I choose for my guests, they will see and feel the results.


What brands do you use and why?

I personally use all the brands we carry at the studio and put trust in them because of their efficiency and results. How I see the skin is as a person with basic needs, such as: food (face oils and masks for nourishment), water (serums and essence for hydration), and shelter (moisturizer and SPF for protection). Some favorites are Pai for sensitive days, Naturopathica for routine, Ursa Major for their serums, Linne for their amazing results driven products, but also Augustinus Bader for their triple Peptide technology—it doesn’t only help treat acne but adds elasticity and renewal without the sensitivity of retinoids.


What is your secret to beautiful skin? 

A balanced skin routine is the secret to radiant skin. I’m a big believer in skin cycling, which is a skincare routine that requires rest days in between your active ingredient-products to allow your skin’s microbiome to recover.


What are your favorite tools to use in the treatment room and why?

Every tool has a special benefit to it and I don’t think I could choose between them. I usually encourage my guests to add these tools to their treatment so they can have longer lasting results. A tool that has many benefits is the microcurrent, which focuses on three depths of the tissue encouraging absorption of products in the epidermis, and stimulating collagen into the dermis. It reaches and stimulates the muscle through randomized wave lengths so that the muscle never gets used to the same movement. Stretching the skin in many directions relaxes the muscle and loosens the fine lines and expression lines. Bonus points for the microcurrent is that it also detoxifies the skin and encourages lymphatic drainage for less puffiness.

What is your favorite part about working for your company? 

I love working at Sana because we really focus on the progress of our guests’ skin journey from the inside out, through clean skincare and wellness. There’s a lot of time, love, and effort into every detail. From testing and curating each product, to hiring a team who are genuinely aligned with the brand and community. It is amazing to work in an environment where everybody loves their job, has great intentions, and they live for healthy results.