Esthetician Spotlight

Pearl Dworkin


What is your business called and where are you located?

Skincare by Pearl in Los Altos, California.

Can you give a little information about your background as an esthetician?

I have been an esthetician for 27 years! Becoming an esthetician was the best decision for me; it has been quite a fabulous journey of learning everything I can about health and wellness. I started at a day spa called Preston Wynne, volunteered for years facilitating classes for Look Good Feel Better, then I worked for a cosmetic surgeon doing medical skincare, where I went to training on Manual Lymph Drainage. I have worked as an Account Executive, executed training and events in multiple states, and I have had my own skincare practice for over 20 years!

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What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I started getting facials by a fabulous esthetician who had her own practice at the hair salon I went to. Her name is AnneRose Kmoch and she used YonKa products. Her facials transformed my skin. I learned so much from her and it was she who suggested I become an esthetician, too. I am grateful for her guidance and inspiration!

What beauty philosophy do you stand by?

Health is our greatest wealth. I believe in nourishing the body from within with a varied and healthy diet of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, moving your body every day and focusing on mental health and wellness internally. I love the Calm app! Spending time with people who support you, and laughter is truly the best medicine. I’m a huge fan of guided meditations. Nature, I believe, is also key to health and beauty, and I love to hike. With skincare, I believe in using plant-based, vibrant products, feeding the skin a healthy and varied diet of nutrients!

What is your favorite treatment?

I like to make a facial an “experience.” Clients arrive to a fresh herbal tea that sets the tone for the relaxation ahead! I believe the most skin healing happens when someone feels truly relaxed! I love a good enzyme facial using SkinScripts enzymes. I like to vary my treatments so it’s never the same. I pepper in lots of facial massage, customize aromatherapy, Gua Sha and even light facial cupping. I also love my Lightwave LED device and my La Meiux oxygen atomizer- this is such a great device.

What brands do you use and why?

I use SkinScripts; I love their enzymes! I’m also using a lot of La Meiux serums that are full of nutrients. For many years I have been creating balms, serums, and oil cleansers! I have studied to become an Herbalist for years and during Covid shutdowns I took two semesters of Herbalism and lots of workshops to keep myself busy. I use whole fresh plants from Northern California farmers and customize them for my clients. I also love SkinBlends and use some of their products to create custom eye creams. My good friend who I went to Nutrition school with, Rhonda , created a brand called Erzulie and love her clean makeup!

What is your secret to beautiful skin?

Vibrant, fresh ingredients, using balms, and plant based hydrosols. Face massage, drinking fresh green juice, and nutrient rich smoothies!

What are your favorite tools to use in the treatment room and why?

My hands, haha! There is no substitute for skilled hands. I like to invest in facial massage training and things I can learn that stay with me forever and don’t depend on electricity -meaning I can give a great treatment without depending on machines.

My Lucas machine. My clients call it the rain forest treatment and I customize with aromatherapy. The YonKa toner is best with this, too!

Gua Sha. I love the kansa one I got from Robert and Melanie Sachs. It’s unbreakable and works great!!

LED Lightwave gives beautiful results and is very powerful with no down time. Sometimes I play guided meditations during this session for clients. Amazing results!

La Meiux’s Oxygen Atomizer with their serums. Love, love, love!

A new tool from Raana Kashani Gregg, the LUNAESCENT touch-free skincare applicator, is very good for clients to take home and use as a massage tool. Plus, you can avoid having to dip fingers in jars, keeping everything clean and sanitary. I love that she is a woman entrepreneur who saw a need for herself and created something amazing out of that need!

What is your favorite part about working for your company?

Helping my clients feel and look beautiful. Lifelong learning and seeing that glow when they leave!