Energy in the Treatment Room

Why Energy Is So Important At Every Step Of Your Services

Imagine two scenarios:

An esthetician oversleeps in the morning. She had a terrible night’s sleep while stressing about work, bills, family, etc. She leaps out of bed, haphazardly throws on her clothes, puts her hair up, has no time for makeup, stuffs a bagel in her mouth and runs out the door. When she arrives at work, she pushes through the door and without taking a minute to breathe, throws her things down, tells her client to come into the room and shuts the door. She then begins her facial, transferring her rushed and unfocused energy directly to her client.

Another esthetician wakes up early, hours before her first appointment. She is well rested and excited to start her morning practice. She does yoga, meditation and sets her intention for the day. Sipping on her morning tea she makes herself a healthy breakfast, taking her time while enjoying every sip. She then showers, picks out an outfit that represents her mood that day, styles her hair and lovingly applies her makeup in a way that inspires herself and her clients. She heads out the door feeling refreshed and optimistic. When she gets to work, she puts her things away and prepares the room for her first client. She lights a candle, channels Reiki and lights a palo santo stick, wafting the smoke around the room and over the bed in which her clients will lay. Her client arrives and she welcomes them into her room. She is calm, present and happy and as she is performing her facial she is transferring her calm and peaceful energy directly to her client.

The words “Energy Work” may be trending right now, but it is certainly not a new concept and estheticians are performing energy work on their clients, aware of it or not.

Obviously these are two extreme circumstances, but this is to illustrate the powerful impact of our energy that our clients can receive during a treatment. Can you feel the negative energy from the first scenario? Conversely, did you feel calm and even inspired by the second esthetician’s morning routine? This is basic energy work.

Ever Present Energy

The words “Energy Work” may be trending right now, but it is certainly not a new concept and estheticians are performing energy work (be it positive or negative) on their clients, aware of it or not. By intentionally incorporating energy work into every step of your services, you have the ability to impact your client on a far deeper scale.

Let’s take a deeper dive into energy work. The purpose of energy healing is to provide a foundation for tangible fulfillment on all levels of life. Dorothy Rowe, a Wellness Educator and Intuitive Consultant illustrates a beautiful example of how energy healing relates to esthetics: “Imagine the process of creating a great work of art. The forces of nature spend eons creating a deposit of marble. The marble itself is the handy work of the Divine. It is complete, needing nothing but existence to be an expression of Divine beauty. However, it can’t enter the museum as a finished piece without undergoing a relationship with the artist. It is only after the perfectly formed, natural marble has been touched by the creativity and technique of the artist, that it is elevated to a status universally recognized as art. We can think of ourselves as works of Universal art. Originating in the Source of Creation we are made of Divine Being. However, without the presence of personality, ego, and individuality, the story of life remains abstract and its full potential is unrealized.”

Energy In The Treatment Room

The importance of incorporating intentional energy healing into our services is more important now more than ever. There is a societal obsession to conform to a specific beauty standard. Unattended to, this burden can turn into a lifelong struggle with insecurity and a never-good-enough mentality when it comes to physical perfection. This can further develop into depression and body dysmorphia, which are sadly becoming more of an epidemic in today’s modern world.

Fortunately, the emergence of a lighter, brighter energy movement that encourages self-love, mindfulness and wellness has become more accepted in our culture. Energy healing is no longer taboo and more people are giving it a try and by utilizing energy healing with esthetics we have the power to truly illuminate the external self from within; like turning on a lamp under a sheet.

On the surface, your clients are paying you to make them physically beautiful. Ultimately however, they are seeking your expertise and guidance to make them feel beautiful which manifests into confidence, worthiness and power. Think about how you feel when you look at a sunset, a landscape, a flower and even a beautiful person. These things are beautiful because they invoke a feeling of awe, peace and inspiration. When a client first fully accepts and loves themselves as a divine work of art (through energy healing), we can use esthetics as an expressive tool to turn marble into a statue.

A Daily Practice

When you practice energy work in your personal life (yoga, meditation, reiki, crystal healing, and smudging are the most common) you are “shielding” yourself from negative energy so you can perform at your highest level. It’s like playing a sport; you must practice ahead of time for the game so you are mentally and physically prepared. Practicing energy work can be as simple as taking one minute before each client to breathe and repeat a mantra such as “I am in control of my energy.”

By sharing your practice and incorporating energy healing into your services, you will deepen your connection to your clients, increasing your value and their loyalty. You are providing them two services at once, an invaluable offering.

In addition to having a morning practice like the second scenario described above; I continue energy work throughout my day in order to stay fully present and focused on uplifting my clients (and others I come into contact with). When I’m preparing for a client, I set intentions for the products that I will be using for my service. I perform Reiki in the room and intend on creating a loving, positive experience for both my clients and myself. When I’m mixing ingredients for my client’s custom blended makeup, I am setting an intention for the makeup. This positive energy goes far beyond my treatment room.

When I am with a client I continue to bring in Reiki (always with the client’s consent) throughout the service and add in other energy healing methods depending on the service and my client’s needs and goals.

A Positive Impact

With your knowledge, skills and inherent gifts as estheticians, you can make a client more beautiful. However, when you bring light energy work into your practice, healing and elevating one’s perspective of themselves, they will radiate a light so bright that they will be able to reach their highest potential and beam outward causing other potential clients to ask “What are you doing?!”

Exchanging energy is already happening each time we provide a service. When one esthetician starts practicing light energy work, it creates a small wave and as the wave continues to ripple out, it has the power to build into an ocean of beautiful works of art.