Emotional Wellbeing

The transformative power of emotional healing services at the spa

Too often, people deem wellness as maintaining a healthy body through nutrition and exercise. However, more people recognize the importance of their emotional wellbeing and its effects on their physical health. Many turn to spa’s for therapies and retreats to provide emotional clarity and cleansing through various healing methods. Whether one is looking to de-stress, grieve the death of a loved one, or welcome positive thoughts into their minds, these spas integrate programming to help their guests through the healing process.


Truth Organic Spa & Wellness Center in North Grafton, MA, has always been a safe healing place. Once a spa for only massages and esthetic services, the spa’s mission evolved to create a healing continuum after recognizing the incredible healing power of touch and the need for additional emotional support for their clients. Today, the spa offers various healing services, including holistic counseling, reiki, float therapy, meditation, and yoga.

That feeling of flowing with our inner world rather than being victims of our own thoughts and emotions is extremely liberating.

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The spa’s most popular treatments include the Emotional Freedom Technique, The Emotion Code, and Heart Wall Clearing, each looking to identify the root causes of emotional and physical suffering by identifying trapped emotional energies, imbalances, and limiting beliefs. “Clearing at this deep energetic level allows for profound physical and emotional healing and transformation. People often report feeling a reduction in depression, anxiety, and overall stress. They see massive shifts in their relationships and the ability to connect. Often, after years of feeling stuck, they can achieve goals and feel a true sense of purpose,” says Operations Manager Marissa Howard.


Surrounded by 400 acres of idyllic land, Miraval is a destination resort inspiring its guests to live a life in balance through mindfulness. The resort’s healing method taps into ancient practices to help guests’ become in tune with their inner selves. Many of the spa’s services include time-tested techniques like Qi grounding, acupuncture, and Tui-Na. The most popular treatment is the signature Vasudhara treatment, which combines water therapy, Thai massage techniques, and sensory deprivation.

During the treatment, guests must float in the water with their ears submerged while wearing a blindfold. How does this affect the emotional body? “Floating in the water without the ability to see, guests are more easily able to surrender themselves to the deep, healing stretches of Thai massage and the pulsations of sound from powerful underwater speakers, allowing for true liberation. This multisensory experience encourages guests to let go, look introspectively and discover their inner strength,” explains Simon Marxer, Miraval Group’s Director of Spa and Wellbeing.


More and more research proves there is an incredible link between nature and your emotions. Surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, dramatic quartz cliffs, and an observation point providing sweeping views of the valley below, the Mohonk Mountain House located in New Paltz, NY, promotes healing through ecotherapy. “So many of our guests love the healing effects of being in nature. We intentionally look to nature and the balance it carries in life to bring “the outside in” to our Spa experience,” says General Manager Barbara Stirewalt.

The spa offers mindfulness sessions that help boost wellbeing through meditation and breathwork and forest bathing to deepen the connection between guests and their natural environment. “In such a bustling world, it’s a great way to reduce anxiety and enhance emotional clarity,” says Stirewalt. The spa’s organic products and ingredients are also inspired by the spa’s surroundings to bring a sense of connection to nature through its treatments. “The Customized Aromatherapy Treatment targets the guests’ personal needs, using the healing powers of nature’s scents to address their emotional obstacles, such as clearing the mind, building energy, or relieving stress,” explains Stirewalt.


“Carillon Miami prides itself in taking a forward-thinking approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit, as well as offering our clients access to the latest advancements and therapies in a safe and serene environment,” says Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa and Wellness at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami

Beach, FL. This includes a new menu of Touchless Wellness Services to provide healing with limited contact through technologies like sound therapy, sonic vibration, and halotherapy.

In addition to these therapeutic technologies, Carillon Miami also offers emotional healing through consultations with its health partners team. “Those seeking clarity in their relationships can meet with Dr. Pataky L.M.F.T. – Emotional, Marriage & Sex Therapist, who offers one-on-one consultations, along with couples therapy to support and empower individuals in navigating through relationship challenges,” says Pahel. The spa also partners with Dr. Fleming, Chief Executive Coach & Life Strategist, who supports those suffering from emotional burnout at work through private consultations and executive retreat programs.


Located on the Mediterranean Sea’s shores between the bay of Atlea and the natural park of Sierra Helada, you will find Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. The SHA healing method is characterized by integrating Medical and Wellness therapies and a treatment schedule tailor-made for each guest.

“Mind and Body stands at the boundary between curing and healing. Physical and psychological balance allows deep healing to take place. For this reason, SHA has a dedicated Mind&Body (M&B) department.

SHA Mind&Body offers Yoga, Mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, and sound baths as a core part of all our programs,” says Rachel Rose, Mind&Body expert. Other forms of therapies include breathwork, Cognitive Stimulation, bio-energy, Tai Chai, and wellness treatments such as massage, Watsu, and craneo-sacral therapy.

One of SHA’s most stellar treatments is breathwork-based mindfulness meditation, which alters brain wave patterns and reduces heart rate variability.” “When we learn to breathe through times of stress, our emotions are calmed but not shoved aside. As we gain more emotional control, without denying our feelings, we live more honestly and feel freer. That feeling of flowing with our inner world rather than being victims of our own thoughts and emotions is extremely liberating,” says Rose.