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Edible Beauty

Supplements and food for healthy skin


There always seems to be a powder, pill, or potion to grant us a small taste from the “Fountain of Youth”. Edible beauty is something that is taking the skincare industry by storm, but what is fact and what is proverbial “snake oil”. While the FDA does not substantiate some of the claims of these items, the science on how our body uses vitamins, proteins, and minerals makes a convincing argument that we are, in fact, what we eat.

When it comes to supplements, usually there is a focus regarding detoxifying the body, reducing water weight, boosting metabolism, heart health, and a myriad of other bodily perks. Rarely do we think about feeding the skin, which is the largest organ in the body and protects us from all types of nasty things. But what does it need? What does it use? Being specific in what we feed it can be a daunting task; but don’t worry I’ve broken it down some.

While most antioxidants are applied topically, ingesting them is a more efficient way to get them deeper into the skin and create that glow from within.

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Aging in many ways is a wound, a wound to our vanity and a wound to our collagen and elastin stores. Collagen is a protein that makes up 80 percent of our skin and works symbiotically with elastin. These two power houses make up our connective tissues and help keep us youthful. Collagen supplementation can help reduce wrinkle formation, hydration of skin, and even help with bones and joints. The amino acid profile in these supplements is typically much shorter and more absorbable by our bloodstream. It is a long-term relationship; you can’t have one scoop and it does all these things immediately. It takes at least a month of daily supplementation to see the benefits.

Collagen can be supplemented by pill or powder. Typically, powder is more widely found and contains a higher dosage. Collagen comes mainly from bovine sources but sometimes fish. These types of collagen are more effective and typically come with additional amino acids that help the body use and build on it. Did you know that out of the 21 amino acids your body can make all but 9? Collagen and amino acids can be found in complete protein sources such as beef, chicken, eggs, and in bone broth. Unfortunately for those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle there are no plant-based collagens but there are other things to ingest to help slow the aging process, like antioxidants.


Antioxidants can be found in many natural food sources as well as in pill form. The most common antioxidants are also vitamins such as A, C, and E. Antioxidants can provide additional benefits such as brightening, moisturizing, and soothing the skin. Just as important, if not more, antioxidants have the ability to negate the effects of free radicals within the body. Free radicals are responsible for causing instability within our skin by stealing nutrients and causing stress. Antioxidants are found in many different types of fruits and vegetables like berries, leafy greens, and some nuts. While most antioxi dants are applied topically, ingesting them is a more efficient way to get them deeper into the skin and create that glow from within.


Another portion of the “pill or plate of youth” are B vitamins. B vitamins are so important for the functionality of your skin. Most of the time when you see hair, skin, and nail supplements , they just have 3 pieces of the expansive palate of edible beauty: biotin, vitamin c, and B12. While biotin and B12 are essential for cellular activity and creating strong nails and hair, they also need other vitamins to do their jobs efficiently. Most B vitamins are responsible for cell proliferation, carbohydrate metabolization, anti-inflammatory reactions, as well as being sure that the right amount of moisture stays within the skin. A lack of any B vitamin causes dermatitis, dry flaky skin, and acne; just to name a few. But where do you find B vitamins outside of supplements? Almonds, dark leafy greens, whole grains, and eggs.


One last mention of ingestible beauty bites is Omega 3 sources. Most think of heart health when omega 3 is mentioned, however, omega 3 fatty acids

are known to be helpful in reducing inflammation, maintaining the skin barrier, as well as combating skin sensitivity to UV damage. You can find these fatty acids mainly in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, in nuts like chia seeds and walnuts, as well as in avocados.

Eating a well-balanced diet is always the best way to get any nutrients your body may need. However, if you have food allergies, dietary convictions, or are a picky eater, then supplementation is a great option to maintain your health. It is important to do research on any type of supplementation you want to add to your diet or may be suggesting to clients. When in doubt consult a healthcare professional, especially if there are underlying conditions. Edible beauty is easy to find, so slowing down the ageing process can be just a bite away!