Dian Qi Gong Massage

Healing through our vast internal powers

Qi Gong comes from the Chinese words”Qi” translating to life energy and “Gong,” meaning “work” or “practice. Qi Gong massages are mind-body treatments that help practitioners heal their bodies, prevent and treat many illnesses, improve their health, and open up the channels of energy to be moved. Many will find the practice useful for recovering from fatigue, aches, pain, tension, and stress. It can be practiced either still or moving, with “still” having a strong emphasis on internal focus and breathing.

Dian Qi Gong massage is performed to treat the internal organs, such as the liver, stomach, spleen, and gall bladder, which are the foundation of our health. Through this massage, all of these organs are capable of maintaining their own Qi, while balancing circulation in each organ that requires it. This not only causes the circulation in the organs themselves to be smooth, but the flow between the organs to be continuous as well. Therefore, when massaging these four internal organs, you should treat them as one instead of four. Without any blockages, the organs are able to remain healthy, avoid degeneration, and carry out their physical processes managing the energies throughout the body.

Through this massage, all of these organs are capable of maintaining their own Qi, while balancing circulation in each organ that requires it.

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In Chinese healing massage, you need to have a special feeling, concentration, and meditation for the treatment to be effective. The massage is considered to be a kind of meditation that brings your feeling and concentrated mind to a profound state. Therefore, the strength of the fingers and mental concentration are emphasized more than any other massage.

Understanding Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang is the foundation of Chinese philosophy. To understand Dian Qi Gong, you first have to understand the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are mixed with Dian Qi Gong to unite their forces, nature, and balance. This means that when they interact with each other smoothly and harmoniously, they manifest power and generate millions of living things.

When it is said that Qi is Yin and Yang, this means that the Qi is too strong or too weak for a particular circumstance. When Qi in any of your organs is not in its normal state, you feel uncomfortable. If it is very much off from the normal state, the organ will start to malfunction, and you may become sick. When this happens, the Qi in your entire body will also be affected, and you will feel too Yang, perhaps feverish, or too Yin, such as the weakness after diarrhea.

Honing in on the Body

Qi, known as bioelectricity, is the internal energy of your body. When you perform a Dian Qi Gong massage, you learn the right postures and move ments that will help you improve on the strength that you have to use so that you can perform the massage accurately. To do so, your body must be centered and balanced. If it is not, you will be tense and uneasy, and this will affect the judgment of your Yi and the circulation of your Qi.

The body and mind are mutual ly related. When your Qi is in peace and can judge things accurately, your body will be relaxed, balanced, centered, and rooted. Only when you are rooted, will you then be able to raise your spirit of vitality. Relaxation is one of the major keys to success in Dian Qi Gong Massage.

When you regulate your mind, it is easy to separate from thinking of the present worries, happiness, and sadness. When you adjust your mind, it is easy to stop any activity that is about to happen. You will be able to control Qi circulation and help to communicate with your damaged internal organs. Once your mind is relaxed and regulated, then you can sense your internal organs.

The first level is the external physical relaxation or postural relaxation. It consists of adopting a comfortable stance and avoiding unnecessary strain in how you stand and move. The second level is to relax the muscles and tendons. It will help you open the channels and accumulate energy.

The third level is the one that reaches the maximum relaxation stage. This will help you control through the massage of the internal organs. Our Qi will be able to reach its maximum energy and will be able to reach everywhere. Then, you will be able to feel transparent as if your whole body has disappeared. Once you have reached this level, you will be able to communicate with your organs and use the Dian Qi Gong Massage Technique to adjust or regulate the Qi disorders, which are giving you problems.

The term Rooted means to be stable and in firm contact with the ground. Before anything, you have to be relaxed and let your body ease, so you will stop fighting the ground and be able to adjust yourself to your regular relaxation. Center yourself with your mind and soul and relax for 10 minutes. Using your Qi will help you balance and ground your energy, which is going to help you find any internal problem that might be occurring with any of these organs through different channels.

The Power of Breath

Breathing plays a significant role in grounding your energy because you have to make sure that the breath that you are performing is smooth, calm, and peaceful. Only if you can reach this point, then you will be able to make the breathing deep, slender and long.

Your breathing is closely related to the state of your Qi and is, therefore, also considered Yin or Yang. When you exhale, you expel air from your lungs, your mind moves outward, and the Qi around the body expands. Each of the organs that might be affected will release their toxins out and will gain their normal shape and strength.

Every time you are performing a Dian Qi Gong Massage for internal organs that are affected by any reason, your Qi releases energy and strength to help restore and heal these particular organs. Deep and calm breathing relaxes you and keeps your mind clear. It oxygenates the diaphragm to go up and down, which massages and stimulates the organs.

Cultivating a Healing Energy in Your Life

Regulating your Qi, you must control your body, breath, and mind. When you regulate your spirit, you are regulating the center and root of a fight. What makes this happen? Understanding your own strength and the condition of your wellbeing. This is also controlled by your patience, endurance, and daily routine with life.

Physical fitness regulates the condition of the body, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Neutral inhalation and exhalation have to be equal to expand and control our inner connection towards Qi. It is essential that after you have treated many patients, you know how to recover your Qi and physical condition into a healthy and balanced stage again.

Qi has to return to its normal state. When you inhale, you lead the Qi at the center of the three joints. Just remember, when you are willing to do something, your first attitude must be your inner self, which leads you to help any person that is suffering from any illness of damaged organs. Through Dian Qi Gong Massage, the complete success of this depends on your feeling, and this feeling can only be cultivated from a deep meditative MIND.