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Glowing skin for your clients in minutes


Cryotherapy has seen a boom in the recent years. Athletes are seen chilling in giant vats with ghoulish smoke coming off around them on Gatorade commercials, celebrities talking about having -196 F air blown on their face to get that glow we all are chasing, but what exactly is it?

Cryotherapy has been used for years to remove unsightly lesions on the skin such as warts, keratosis, pigment, etc. The most common cryogen is liquid nitrogen. It is typically applied by using a specialized applicator with the liquid nitrogen in a cartridge that is used for precise treatment. (Think mainly that weird thing on the bottom of your foot or above your eyebrow.)

However, cryofacial machines are a more advanced way to use the liquid nitrogen as well as in a broader area with a less compressed delivery system. The liquid nitrogen is also at a lower temperature to keep it safe for application onto the face. Typically, the trained esthetician holds the blower no less than 6 inches over the face and moves it gently in a back and forth motion. If you watch any videos of the facial being done you will notice that most clients say it just feels like a cool, tingly breeze. It should not be cold enough or close enough to cause any type of frosting reaction.

If your client’s skin is looking a little lackluster, a cryofacial aka “frotox” may be just what they need.

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What are the benefits? Why would you get one? To get that GLOW, that is why. Cryo facials create the appearance of tighter pores, a healthy flush, and glowing skin. Think about being outside for a while on a chilly winter day with a light breeze when you come back inside and have that perfectly rosy look – it’s the same look without all the bundling.

When your skin gets cold, the body has a vasoconstrictive response, your blood vessels tighten, trying to direct the most blood flow to vital organs. This causes a tightening of the skin because of the loss of circulation and helps minimize trans epidermal water loss or TEWL. The adverse happens once the cold stimulus is removed, or you go inside. Your body is then no longer trying to shunt your circulation but allows it to return to your extremities, i.e. your skin. When this happens, the skin begins to plump and have a healthy glow on account of all the red blood cells returning to where they need to go – like one’s cheeks. If your client’s skin is looking a little lackluster, a cryofacial aka “frotox” may be just what they need.


Now to the side effects and contraindications. Even though it sounds relatively harmless, it is a more advanced type of facial and requires specialty training and proper equipment. Cryo Facials can cause nerve damage, ice burns, frostbite, and pigmentation issues if not done properly. They are not advised for those skin types that are more prone to pigmentation issues such as types IV-VI as well as pregnant clients.


Standard preparation for the facial is to avoid heavy exfoliation, retinols, and to be sure the skin is well hydrated. It also good to note that if your client gets injectables, it should be done at least 2 weeks post injection. The results should be immediate, and last up to two weeks. The facial should be spaced out with 3-5 weeks in between to maintain results. The price of this facial can range from $50 to $150, depending on locale and products used.

Cryofacials are on the rise to being one of the ways to achieve naturally brighter and tighter skin. It is tempting to say that they could replace the chemical peel for some clients! With all the rave reviews and praise, if you have the opportunity to bring this facial to your spa it would do nothing more than round out your clients’ experience. So why not give it a try and just “chill”?