Calming Sea

Enhance the spa experience with this exquisite element: water.

We need water to survive, this we do not question, but do we understand all of the reasons why and how water is so essential and beneficial to our life? There is an overwhelming amount of research proving that water’s healing abilities extend far beyond hydration.

What I hope to offer here is a new perspective on water by exploring some of its mysteries and perhaps some inspiration on how to incorporate H2O in new ways into your personal, professional lives, and environments in order to benefit from the full spectrum of its healing powers.

Water Helps us Breath

Visualize yourself standing on the edge of a body of water and taking in a huge inhale. If it seems as though you’re able to inhale deeper, and the breath is more invigorating when you’re standing at the water’s edge, it’s because you actually are taking in more oxygen.

We crave fresh air when we’re stressed for a reason, it balances levels of serotonin (the mood and health hormone) but when we are around water, the already powerful oxygen actually increases its power because it is charged with negative ions from the water which help us absorb oxygen better.

The information ancient civilizations needed for survival was in the water they drank, bathed in, and worshiped.


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Ashley Sachs

Ashley Sachs is the creator of Awakened Beauty and a Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Master and Microcurrent Specialist.