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Calm the Perfect Skin Storm

Understanding the nature of skin problems is the start of eradicating the ever-looming threat. What exactly causes the variety of problems that plague the skin? There are a number of factors such as stress, environment and weather that can irritate and inflame skin. Reactions can vary from light irritation to redness, skin dryness, to larger issues such as rosacea and skin peeling. Inflamed skin can be made worse by using the wrong products. The perfect storm of stress factors, such as anxiety mixed with stress can further exacerbate any skin issue.


When anxiety kicks in, the body’s stress response can go into overdrive. This can affect the nervous system and cause sensory symptoms like burning or itching of the skin, with or without visible signs. These sensations can begin anywhere on the skin, including arms, legs, face, and even on the scalp. Clients today may be feeling overwhelmed personally or professionally or both. As a licensed esthetician, it is important to be sympathetic. This is a good time to suggest other spa services such as yoga, meditation, nutrition and dietary consultation, massage or Tai Chi along with a comprehensive skincare plan.

The perfect storm of some or all of these skin-stressing factors are facing many of your clients today.


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Phyllis Hsieh

Phyllis Hsieh is the President of Sesha Skin Therapy. She is a nurse, esthetician, cosmetic formulator and industry veteran with over thirty years of experience. Dedicated to ingredient and product penetration technology, Phyllis is leading the industry in developing cutting edge products to meet each and every skincare need.