Boost Your Spa’s Energy

Rearrange your environment and create harmony within your staff

Spa-goers want to be whisked away to a sacred space where for a short time, all of their worries melt away. Although aesthetic choices like color, decor, and music are imperative when creating an oasis-like feeling, there are even more powerful tools and resources a salon or spa can use to impact the energy of their space and enhance the client and staff experience.


Feng Shui and Environmental Energetics

Kristin M Wistar uses her successful background in interior design and extensive credentials and education in Feng Shui and Environmental Energetics to explain why interior design is only part of the equation when it comes to creating a positive energetic environment.

Even the most beautiful spa can hold invisible energy creating blocks to the sense of peace, production, and prosperity.

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“Incorporating Feng Shui and Environmental Energetics into a space’s interior design allows manipulation to the visible but also the invisible realms of the environment that will support an intended feeling or desire like healing or abundance.

To support financial gain in the space, consider placing the cash register and income-producing services in the most abundant areas of the space and include proper placement of elemental adjustments such as a water feature that will support money flow and not drain it. Having staff face their best personal directions while working also supports a more harmonious flow.

It is also imperative to understand the energetic matrix that hangs in the air absorbed in the memory of the building by the previous predecessors and constant energetic accumulation by the people that use the space. Even the most beautiful spa can hold invisible energy creating blocks to the sense of peace, production, and prosperity, deeply hindering the success of a business. The use of space clearing techniques such as dowsing and smudging transform unwanted energies and re-energizes the space into a sanctuary for healing and transformation which will catapult the success of their business.”

Human Design and The Gene Keys

Every person is so uniquely different which oftentimes leads to conflict in the workplace. Human Design and Gene Keys expert Devon Martin explains how understanding staff’s innate nature will surely diffuse conflict and optimize everyone’s gifts, talents, personalities, and shadows.

“When it comes to Human Design and the Gene Keys in a work setting, one of the best things it can do to support the people is to really, truly recognize and celebrate people for what they are naturally here to contribute with their natural role and gifts. This knowledge tremendously helps people relax into who they are instead of feeling pressured to fit into a role. This creates more harmony because it eases misunderstandings of people thinking other people should be like them. If employees are happier and in more of a flow, it will skyrocket client satisfaction when you have the right people doing the right things.

There are four main Human Design types and each one of those types has a very specific role in group settings. Some people are here to really get things up and running, others are here to move and build, others to advise and others are here to reflect the health of the environment. There are a few types that aren’t here to sustain work hours like the other types and by understanding that, it really helps prevent burnout, frustration, and bitterness in the workplace and increases satisfaction, success, and peace between the differences of people.

The Gene Keys highlights addiction areas of human consciousness and energy. When we can understand the shadows of those experiences and how we can transform that energy into gifts, then it creates more healthy teamwork and more understanding of what gifts people are really bringing to the table.

Human Design and Gene Keys is the reading of human energy and when we understand human energy, things are not personal anymore. You can celebrate people for who they are, instead of what we think they are. In this energy atmosphere, people are aligned with their gifts and their natural states will increase the energy of a spa. There’s healing when people are seen and accepted for who they are and more people will feel relaxed and will want to visit in this type of atmosphere.”

Become Attuned to Reiki

One does not need to practice Reiki professionally to benefit from it. In fact, the first level and certification of Reiki is to attune yourself to the life force energy in order to use it as a powerful self-healing tool for yourself, your space, plants, and animals. Becoming attuned to Reiki level one empowers you to cleanse and protect yourself from built-up stressors in your surroundings, an invaluable practice for professionals in the beauty industry.

To add even more value to your clients and elevate the spa’s reputation, consider offering Reiki during services (a natural progression for any service where a technician or stylist has physical contact with a client). Staff will need to get certified and attuned to both Reiki levels one and two to offer this service.
Reiki equips us to help ourselves and our clients on an entirely different level. Just as a spa or salon would host continuing education classes for their staff, you could also invest in your staff (and your business) by hosting a Reiki training and attunement; an uplifting bonding experience offering your team the opportunity to connect and enrich their lives, boosting workplace cohesion.

Add a Healer to your Staff

Livening up your menu by adding a healer will peak client interest and open a door to a whole new experience for clients and staff. Imagine the benefits for everyone involved when a stressed-out client walks in the door and is offered a 15-minute healing before their service, an invaluable upgrade for the client.
Jillian Tuskweth, Owner or Jillian Grace Salon located in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania added Reiki services to their menu. “We all know the feeling of walking into a space with the right vibe. The aroma, music, lighting, and temperature can all have an impact on the energy flow. In a service-business focused on catering to the needs of the client, it is essential that both the service provider and the client are calm and in sync. Adding Reiki services to our menu seemed to be a natural fit to enhance the overall experience.”

Host a Workshop

People are always looking for a positive, unique experience to enrich their lives. Providing your staff and clients with options to feel better, reduce stress and find more purpose in their lives by hosting a workshop promoting education on wellness, healing methods and healing practitioners available in your community will surely boost energy in your spa. It will also create an opportunity for clients to invite their friends and family into the space and get your spa’s name circling in the healing/wellness community!

Historically, there has been a gap between beauty and wellness; a stigma that one is more important than the other. The reality is, just because we look good, doesn’t mean we feel good and vice versa. Why not bridge these two polarities by upleveling your space into a healing and transformation vortex?