Be The Light

How to Infuse Energy Work into Your Life and Career

Energy is in everything: people, plants, animals, food, rooms, furniture, tools, products, etc. When you strip all of these things down to their microscopic components, all that is left are waves of energy. Energy is invisible to the naked eye, but we know that when we plug in a lamp and turn the light on, energy is causing the light to shine. We usually just think of energy as this invisible magic that allows us to make coffee in the morning and turn on our blow dryers, but there is much more to energy.

Imagine the feeling you get when walking into a hospital versus a yoga studio. That feeling is based on the energy in everything in your environment. When you are conscious of how energy works you can think of yourself as a wall outlet possessing the power for others to plug into and light up.

Start a Personal Practice

The most powerful way to infuse positive energy into your life (including your treatment room or spa) is to start a morning energy-producing practice using the four M’s: Meditate, Move, Manifest and Mantra.

The scientific benefits of meditation are indisputable.


Meditating simply means focusing on the present moment, feeling your breath circulating in and out. The scientific benefits of meditation are indisputable, but as someone who practices on a daily basis I can assure you that meditating for even five minutes in the morning will make you happier, calmer and more appreciative and aware of what you have. Meditating daily makes you a stronger outlet. If the thought of sitting still and focusing on your breath for even five minutes is daunting, you can begin with the assistance of guided meditations on YouTube or use apps like Headspace and Calm.


Exercising results in obvious and again scientifically proven physical health benefits. What we may not understand yet is that exercising also moves stuck energy out, making room for positive energy to flow. The stuck energy I am referring to is the stress, negativity and trauma that you accumulate every day and over a lifetime.

My movement of choice is yoga and I practice from home mostly using a free app called Down Dog that allows you to choose your level and duration of practice (from 5 minutes to 90). I also like to follow a few yoga YouTubers, some of my favorites are: The Journey Junkie and Boho Beautiful. I started with Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga that is suitable for all ages and strength levels. The optimal form of movement is the kind that you will do every day whether it be walking, running, dancing, yoga, pilates, etc.


Where focus goes energy flows. When your morning is focused on meditating and moving, you have elevated your vibratory field making you a powerful outlet full of energy ready to be plugged into. However, before giving your energy to others, use that golden energy for yourself to manifest. Close your eyes and visualize your goals and dreams (including your day ahead) as if watching yourself on a movie screen.


Creating a personal mantra (i.e. a word, thought or statement used to aid in concentration in meditation) for when challenges and obstacles arise (e.g an angry driver or stressed out client) is a powerful tool. Repeating a mantra when you are presented with these situations will bring your awareness back to your morning state of being and protect your energy field from being infiltrated. Getting upset or angry (although these emotions are normal human behavior) will only affect your energy field. Send positive energy to those in need and maintain your high vibration for those suffering to tap into. An example of a personal mantra is “I am the light.”

Reiki Healing

REI – meaning high power, spiritual consciousness and KI – meaning universal life force energy is an ancient healing art that has been around for thousands of years with origins in India and the East dating back to the time periods before Christ and Buddha.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki heals by directing energy through ones body to free restrictions, blocks and negative energy that have been clogged and lowered by negative thoughts, feelings, bad choices and habits. A reiki healing releases lower vibrational energy and allows for the flow of healthy, vibrant energy resulting in feelings of happiness and well-being. Reiki can also be used to send positive energy to a room, your products, tools, etc.

My first experience with reiki was quite miraculous and a defining moment in my career. After about 10 minutes of lying on the practitioner’s table, with my eyes closed, not understanding what was actually happening, I started crying. There was no emotion or control behind my tears, no specific thought or reasoning. During our after-treatment discussion, I learned how blocked my energy flow was, stuck from the trauma of my twin sister’s struggle with Anorexia and other mental health illnesses for over 25 years.

Once I was able to unblock that energy, I felt light and inspired. I became reiki certified in order to perform reiki healing on myself. As I healed, I couldn’t deny the benefits and felt called to help others. My career developed new life and purpose and I started channeling reiki energy into my services and products.

Beauty is Energy

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (a mental illness characterized by a persistent preoccupation with at least one perceived defect or flaw in a person’s physical appearance) effects an estimated 2.4% of Americans (around 7 million people). People suffering from BDD can focus on any part of the body, but the most common areas are the skin, hair. According to some warning signs of someone with BDD are:

Spending excessive time in front of the mirror or purposely avoiding mirrors

Expressing hatred, disgust or general dissatisfaction with either their general physical appearance

Expressing a strong desire to get cosmetic surgery or other cosmetic procedures

Spending more money than the average person on grooming or makeup products

Seeking reassurance about their physical appearance

Making comparisons to others

Sound like anyone you know? Beauty is not the enemy, beauty is spirituality on the outside, a form of self-love and huge source of light energy (imagine yourself as a beautiful flower). However without releasing the stuck energy within, beauty can also be dark and lead to BDD and other mental health issues. Our industry NEEDS energy healing!

Spas offering services like reiki or other energy healing treatments will add value to existing clients but also attract new clients; people who think that beauty is for the self-absorbed, people who don’t “care” about beauty, moms or dads who believe they are being selfish by getting a facial and/or people who feel they are unattractive and not worthy.

Change the mindset surrounding our amazing industry from superficial to spiritual. Every human is beautiful, it is our job to make them feel it. Be the light.