Awana Spa & Wellness

Community shared rejuvenation and healing


Unlike any other spa, the Awana Spa & Wellness at Resorts World Las Vegas provides guests with transformative, social, and legendary experiences. From personalized treatments and unique wellness offerings to immersive facilities, the spa offers a relaxing getaway from the Las Vega strip while staying true to the quintessential Vega experience.

The treatments are inspired by European and Eastern rituals with a unique and entertaining social approach. Spa Director Jennifer Lynn says “Our spa was thoughtfully designed by Blu Spas Inc, to be communal, sparking social interaction and connectedness in a wellness setting. We are the first resort spa in the U.S. to offer an Event Sauna.”

The treatments are inspired by European and Eastern rituals with a unique and entertaining social approach.

The famous Art of Aufguss is the spa’s 30-minute Sauna-Meister-led journey held in a theater-inspired heated room of aromatherapy, choreographed music, lighting, and dancing towels. “Originating in Europe, saunas provide places for relaxation, wellbeing and social gatherings,” explains Lynn.

“The intense heat warms the body slowly and continuously, stimulating sweat glands, increasing blood circulation and promoting healthy skin tone and texture.” A spa day with a themed performance to embrace the tradition of European saunas and its method of bringing community together as a form of healing.

Aside from this extraordinary experience, the Awana Spa’s Fountain of Youth is inspired by the tales of the mythical spring that restores youth to anyone that bathes in its age-reversing waters. A Fountain of Youth passport takes guests through a three-hour journey of six vitality pools, vapor-filled steam rooms, cool mist showers, a heated Crystal laconium room, and experiential Rain Walk.

The remainder of the spa features LED screens with projections that change throughout the day, transporting guests to various picturesque destinations. And when guests aren’t dazzled by spa’s thoughtfully curated spaces, they are being transported through space and time to a meditative state that connects them with their body, mind, and spirit.

The Signature Treatment

Awana Spa brings together wellness traditions from around the world with services including massages, chakra healing, energy healing, reflexology, crystal and sound healing, and facials. The Balinese Waves ( 75 min Monday to Wednesday, $250 and Thursday to Sunday, $265) is the spa’s signature treatment. It is a meditative massage documented in Bali, Indonesia, historically influenced by Indian, Chinese, European, and Indonesian healing therapies.

The treatment includes medium to firm pressure techniques of skin rolling, wringing, acupressure, and includes a face and abdominal massage if permitted. The journey begins with a foot soak, service overview and aroma journey, and ends with a traditional Bali herbal back scrub removed with hot steam towels and a Balinese farewell.


“As a new spa operation, we had the unique opportunity in pre-opening to bring in outside trainers, work closely with our vendor partners, and offer CEU certified courses to hone the massage therapist’s skills for our grand opening,” explains Spa Director Jennifer Lynn. The spa opened in September 2021, and now in operation, has had continuous meetings to review revised protocolos and offer one on one sessions with lead therapists and aestheticians to ensure quality service.

Therapists and aestheticians are also able to utilize virtual training for product knowledge and general protocol overview as a resource from the spa’s vendor partners. The Resorts World qualitative standards for commencing and concluding a treatment are also evaluated.

“Informally, staff is observed and feedback is provided by our leadership team instantly when on the floor or throughout the course of a work day. Formally, staff performance is reviewed once a quarter for quality service, repeat guest retention and product sales. Goals are defined collectively with leadership and the team member by individual performance metrics,” says Lynn. 

Special Events and Promotions

The Awana Spa will be offering seasonal and monthly events throughout the year with its new Event Sauna. These events will include new moon and full moon events and private company events. In addition to these special events, Awana has partnered with local vendors for support with services. “We work with STRIDE Las Vegas to offer their Run Club to convention groups and yoga instructors for group sessions as well. We also work with a local jewelry designer, Cimber Designs by Kelly Cimber,” says Lynn.

 Revenue and Retail

When it comes to revenue and retail, Awana Spa seeks products that align with its vision and quality standards. “The relationship with spa operators and vendors is extremely important. We want to genuinely believe in the product, the company, its values and the people that represent the brand. We are making decisions on people that we will work with for years to come, so we never underestimate the relationship and connection we have with the representatives,” explains Spa Director Lynn.

Each month the spa partners with a vendor to create refresher training sessions for the team, an incentive plan for team sales, and a fun promotional opportunity for the guest.

Spa Director Spotlight

A self-proclaimed lotus flower, Jennifer Lynn thrives in wellness environments designed to transform individuals into better versions of themselves. Ms. Lynn is a Sr. Executive with 25 years of broad-based experience in many facets of luxury brand development, spa and retail operations, and construction management. Viewing her occupation as a “lifestyle career,” Lynn is an aspirational role model for consumers and business partners alike.

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